Led Down Light

Leimove LED down light is characterized by its stable performance and a reasonable price. Compared with the normal products in the market, the light has the following characteristics: low carbon, energy saving, long life, and fast response.

Being designed with a highly reflective aluminum cup, the product shows a glossy and shining surface, presenting a perfect visual effect and adding the high-end decorative effect. With our independently-developed high-efficiency CC driver and PMMA lens, the light is uniform and soft, and there is no glaring interference. The product has a simple structure. On the soft side of the product, there is a holding spring wrapped to protect the hands during the installation. We utilize aviation aluminum to manufacture the thick aluminum radiator and the heat dissipation efficiency of the product has been increased thanks to the strong air convection design. What's more, by using the imported chip - Cob, the CRI value has exceeded over 80 and the lighting produced by the product is close to the natural sunlight, which can protect the eyesight.

The drive power smart IC and isolation protection adopt the non-flame PC and integrated circuit control, and the product is safe enough to meet the European standard.

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