Led Flexible Strip Light

Leimove flexible strip light, as one of the smallest lighting systems,  provides amazing discrete lighting effect.

The product uses small and low powered LEDs mounted on the flexible or rigid circuit boards, allowing the product to be installed easily. With a high voltage input, the product features high brightness thanks to the design of super soft FPC board. Being well distributed on the printed circuit board, the LEDs of the product can generate a better lighting effect. With a beam angle of 120˚, the product is able to light in a wide range with its high brightness. Compared with other strip lights, this type of product gains more fame for its high softness and strong flexibility, which helps realize an easy and reliable use for people. 60 LEDs which cover 1 meter is one unit, within which there is one corresponding point for free cutting. Different strip light has various kinds of waterproof grade including IP67, IP65, and IP22. This allows the product to be used for both indoor and outdoor decoration and edge lighting.

Leimove can provide customized flexible strip lights for customers. Different colors are available including yellow, blue, red, green, and white which can better satisfy the needs of customers.

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