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Leimove Lighting insists on making 'foot and foot tiles, better quality'

The mining lamps have been exported to 58 countries and regions, and we are proud of the fact that there have been no customer quality complaints for three consecutive years, and we have used more than 1,000 large and medium-sized LED mining lamps. At present, the LED industrial and mining lamp industry market is a red sea. Even the industrial cluster of LED industrial and mining lamps is also a mixed industry in Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province. There are hundreds of LED industrial and mining lamp manufacturers in Zhongshan City, and many of them are simply assembled LEDs. The factory lamp also feels troublesome. It simply makes up the business of the leather bag company, and is also known as the LED industrial and mining lamp manufacturer.

Zhongshan Leimove Lighting Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of “Workshop Lighting, LED Mining Light, LED Factory Light, LED Factory Light, LED Flood Light, LED Flood Light, LED Projection Light, High Power LED High Bay Light, High Power LED floodlights, high-power LED floodlights, the company has a combination of scientific research, manufacturing and sales, a sound quality management system, a superb research team, and constantly introduce new products and technologies in the LED lighting industry. .

The company keeps up with the trend of e-commerce, doing network sales work, 80% of customers do not have to meet, directly pay and then ship. In order to allow customers to buy with confidence, we guarantee 2 hours of response before and after the sale, 6 days to solve the problem, our products cover 5 series of LED lighting, hundreds of specifications and models, to meet the needs of domestic and foreign customers.

The factory adheres to the business philosophy of quality is life, innovation is the foundation, constantly optimize product performance, innovative practice, and launch new products that are loved by customers. The existing factory lamp production workshop and automatic mining lamp test system, the company staff strictly implement the relevant quality standards, so that each miner's lamp is subjected to rigorous testing before leaving the factory, and the on-site test records are checked and confirmed to ensure high quality and guarantee each. The interests and convenience of the customer. At the same time, in the procurement process, the general manager of the company, Mr. Jiang Jinjian, inspected the original contract of the purchasing department of the factory, especially in the procurement of imported chips, in order to distinguish it from the current industry behavior of LED industrial and mining lamp manufacturers, which are mostly fraudulent, LED factory The LED light-emitting chip inside the lamp is equivalent to the heart of the whole lamp, which is directly related to the life of the lamp.

We insist on using good materials, solid technology, and rigorous attitude to produce high-quality factory floor lighting LED high bay lights, LED factory lights, LED factory lights, LED flood lights, LED flood lights, LED projection lights, large Power LED high bay light, high power LED flood light, high power LED flood light.

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