LED is Becoming More And More Important

by:Leimove     2020-06-09
as market development of needs, LED in traffic lights, and special lighting lamp, various application of market share also in steadily improve, especially in recent years intelligent phone, and flat computer market of opened, LED market of needs gradually to multiple change, change has past single of market new needs, technology and technology content also in gradually of upgrade and development, LED tube lamp, related industry entered a new development of new stage. it is understood, within the next 5 years, high-brightness LED (AlGaInP LED and contains GaN) industry is still in a phase of stable growth. To 2008 about US $ 5 billion. In 2011 than in 2010 by 25% high brightness LED production. Where mobile communications industry has contributed 45%, living in the first place, the second is the backlight of the display industry. Third is the automobile industry. LED outside in addition to the benefits of better fuel economy in automobiles, also contains a light time, small size, long life, as well as cost savings and design flexibility. Now, the car will take about 200 to 300 LED. LED in the development of the automobile industry cannot be limited. features such as LED with energy, saving space, so the color for cell phones, camera phones and flip phones, is great for bright sources. So the next few years, as to color photo of the mobile phone market and the trend of development of bony, LED's position in the mobile phone industry is becoming more and more important. current LED on a mobile phone is a compact keyboard, screen and flashes of light. It is estimated that in 2004 worldwide mobile phone shipments up to 670 million, compared to 586 million higher than estimated before the 14%, where the color and camera phones will be the sales team. as for the rear light industry in recent years due to the rapid growth of LCD monitors, cold cathode backlight backlight industry mainstream. However, as LCD TV takes off, more and more manufacturers color richness in consideration of cases, have been using high brightness LED as a backlight. in addition, LED another advantage is that do not contain heavy metals. In the case of the growing importance of environmental protection, cold cathode mercury as it's a big loss. Switching to LED additionally eliminates the worry. This is one of the major factors in LCD TV.
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