LED lamps have been penetrated into the civil and commercial markets by government projects

by:Leimove     2020-03-29
In 2010, the entire LED lighting industry will usher in a tipping point, and it is not the government's 'Ten Cities and ten thousand lamps' project that will ignite the fire, it is a pure commercial project such as large-size LCDTV backlight, indoor lighting and large display screen. According to isuppli's prediction, global shipments of 2010 and more LED backlit LCD TVs in 40 inch will increase more than 6 times compared with 2009, from 2009 units in 2. 5 million to 18. 8 million units. Global LCDTV shipments in 2010 were about 1. 0. 8 billion sets, LED backlight LCD TV penetration rate is about 10%. However, the permeability data is still changing, and the more optimistic forecast is that it will reach 20%. In the field of LED indoor lamps, in fact, the trend of rapid rise has begun at the end of 2009, and the export orders of mainland LED enterprises have been in short supply. 'The government attaches great importance to the LED industry. It is currently at the peak of Shenzhen's development and is also a peak in the country. However, if enterprises only rely on the government to replace LED lamps to support the entire industry, it will not be realized. How much does the government change the lamp to promote the LED? The key is that LED enterprises should develop in depth. 'Chen Yingchun, deputy mayor of Shenzhen, told the participating companies at the 4th 2009 LED Summit Forum held not long ago. He pointed out a very correct direction for Shenzhen, a city where LED packaging enterprises occupy half of the country. Liu Zhen, president of Shenzhen LED packaging manufacturer Quantum Optoelectronic Technology International Co. , Ltd. , explained the popularity of LED lamps as follows: 'TOP (Reflective cover perfusion SMD-LED) Technological progress has promoted the arrival of a large number of LED lamps in indoor work areas. In addition, due to the improvement of the quantum efficiency in the low-power LED chip and the quantum efficiency outside the TOPLED package (120lm/W) , Which greatly reduces the calorific value, and the original TOPLED with various problems can be applied in a wide range, thus driving the hot sale of LED fluorescent lamps. 'However, he also analyzed,' In fact, in terms of cost performance, the possibility of LED fluorescent lamps and tricolor T5 fluorescent lamps competing positively, at present, users' enthusiasm for LED lamps may be more impulsive. 'Therefore, greater technological breakthroughs are expected in LED indoor lighting, of which the improvement of LED luminous efficiency will be the most direct influencing factor. 'Obviously, with the improvement of luminous efficiency, the number of LED particles in LED fluorescent lamps will decrease significantly, which will directly lead to a decrease in cost. Liang Zhihua, deputy director of finance of Shenzhen Lanke Electronics Co. , also said that the company is a member of the National Semiconductor Lighting technology standards working group. He explained that due to the current indoor lighting is widely used in 0. For low-power LED below 5 W, a 20W flat panel lamp will have nearly 200 LED particles. If the luminous efficiency of the LED increases and the LED particles decrease, the cost will naturally decrease. Zhong Qun, director of China semiconductor lighting engineering technology research and development center, also pointed out: 'Technically, indoor lighting is easier to develop than outdoor lighting, and LED indoor lighting products of many Chinese enterprises have been exported in large quantities. However, due to the fact that there are not many LED chips that can really save energy than traditional light sources, the large-scale development of the market still needs to wait. 'However, there is an area that has really set sail on a large scale. This is the LED backlight of large-size LCD TVs. 'Due to the progress of LED backlight components, the LCD TV Kanban market entered the harvest period ahead of schedule. 'Liu Zhen said. Samsung is the hero of the global explosion of LED backlit LCD TVs. Stimulated by Samsung's continuous increase in the output of LED backlit LCD TVs, the global mainstream LCD manufacturers have all followed closely, and Chinese local LCD TV manufacturers have also followed quickly, at present, the mainstream LCD TV manufacturers in China have all introduced LED backlit LCD TVs. This wave of unexpected market has LED to a serious shortage of LED chips. It is reported that Samsung has increased the shipment of LED backlit LCD TVs in 2010 from 2. 5 million units in to 10 million units, which makes it eat up most of the production capacity of Taiwan's LED chip manufacturer wafer Optoelectronics, it also makes the supply of many Chinese LED packaging manufacturers quite tight. Because many LED packaging manufacturers in China use crystal chips. According to the optimistic estimation of China Electronics Chamber of Commerce, the sales volume of LED backlit TVs in China will increase fourfold to 4 million units in 2010, and the penetration rate of LED backlit LCD TVs in the Chinese market will exceed 15%. Zhong Qun pointed out, 'mainland China is not much behind in the field of LED backlight technology, and the opportunities are very large. As long as China's large TV manufacturers can give more opportunities to local LED backlight enterprises. 'A mobile phone screen to 10 A about the LED device but a 42 inch liquid crystal TV but need to 1000 a LED this huge of market will for, China of LED backlight Enterprise bring infinite business opportunities, at the same time, it is very likely to create a group of leading LED packaging enterprises.
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