Led lamps need standardized process production

by:Leimove     2020-04-03
Standards are the key to controlling the market 'game' and the premise for products to enter the market. At present, China's led lamp industry is facing a lack of core technology and weak market competitiveness, and lacks dominance in market competition. In the face of the bright prospect of the 'blowout' of the led lamp market, it is obviously imperative to formulate standards. No rules are not square. In the process of market economy development, 'rules' means standards. Standardization is a necessary process for the development and growth of major industries, and it is also a hard condition for participating in global market competition. As an important consideration criterion for industrial operation, standards have an important impact and role on the healthy and sustainable development of the industry. Setting standards means setting rules of the game. As an emerging industry that will dominate the lighting market in the future, LED needs more perfect and standardized standards to guide the steady development of the industry. At present, the global LED industry is in a 'war era' of the law of the jungle and vassal disputes ', A series of unfavorable factors such as lack of industrial middleware, chaotic market order, low industry access threshold and difficult market promotion due to problems such as lack of standards and imperfections are becoming increasingly prominent. As an important part of participating in market competition, what 'difficulties' is China's led lamp industry facing in standard participation and formulation '? However, at present, the formulation of relevant standards for led lighting industry in China is not satisfactory. Relevant industry insiders pointed out that at present, led lamp product components mostly exist in a non-standardized form. The lack of standards leads to the lack of evidence for product design, and the confusion of product technology forms leads to difficulties in supporting upstream and downstream, therefore, the phenomena of poor interchangeability and compatibility of products abound, hindering the large-scale application and industrial development of products. 'At present, due to the unified industrial middleware standards in the LED industry, enterprises are producing and researching according to their own standards. Therefore, various devices between enterprises cannot be compatible, not only is it a serious waste of production resources, but it is also a big problem for customers to choose. 'An industry insider told reporters. In recent years, the argument about 'lack of standards' has been rampant, and many people have even attributed the industry chaos to the lack of standards. However, Li Ximing, deputy secretary-general of Guangdong lighting Society, holds different opinions on this: 'In recent years, China has attached great importance to the standardization of semiconductor lighting from the state to the local level, the standard system and revision work of units at all levels is progressing rapidly. China's semiconductor lighting and LED standards have basically covered all links of the industrial chain, the so-called 'lack of standards' circulating in the market is actually a misunderstanding caused by unfamiliarity with the current standards. ', The standard system of led lamps covering all links in the industrial chain has been basically formed. National standards, industry standards, local standards and enterprise standards are important components of China's standard system, between them is an organic unity. Looking at the development process of semiconductor lighting industry, the current led lamps are still in the early stage of development, with rapid changes in technical routes and rapid improvement in product performance, thus making the formulation of some product standards unable to keep up with the development of product performance, however, the formulation of basic standards such as reliability test methods requires more in-depth research, and the formulation of standards requires a longer period. Generally speaking, the standard is the standardization of relatively mature products with certain stability and relative invariance. However, led lamps is a new industry, which is still in the early stage of development. The product technology is updated rapidly, and the cycle of setting product standards cannot keep up with the speed of technological development. At present, there are still several problems in the formulation of standards in the led lighting industry: first, as a product of coordination among all parties, the standards have many links in the process of formulation and revision, and the implementation period from drafting to publication is long, faced with the situation that the standards are outdated. Secondly, it is precisely because the technological progress lags behind the market development and the degree of innovative research and development is not enough that there are many gaps in the testing methods and methods of some key indicators of led lamps and lanterns. Third, if led lamps are to replace the traditional lighting which has been used for many years, they will inevitably face the problems of application effect evaluation, such as light biosafety, light color index of roads, people's adaptability to light color, etc, A new round of long-term evaluation is needed, and even the scientific nature of how to select evaluation indicators has been demonstrated.
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