Led Tube Light

Leimove LED tube light is a kind of LED lamp used in the light fixture to replace the traditional florescent tubes.

Compared with the common tubes, this type of product is more energy-saving and can save 80% of the electric power.  Because of good luminous efficacy, the product provides illuminance equal to that of other lightings at lower electric power consumption. It costs only 1 KWH per 1000H while incandescent bulb costs 1kwh per 17H and normal energy saving lamp 1KWH per 100H. With an isolated LED driver and IC chip that controls PCB, the product ensures constant current power supply and stable work. The product has an excellent structure with over-heat protection system ensuring good heat dissipation. With 48 pieces of built-in LED SMD, the product is endowed with high brightness. The product contains no heavy metals and harmful materials, such as mercury, lead, and so on. It is pollution-free and there is no UV radiation. It does no harm to people and the environment. We use high-density and light acrylic to make sure the product is not easy to damage and features anti-oxidation. There are also no RF interference and no flickering problem caused, which makes the product protect people's eyesight.

Leimove LED tube light has a lifespan of over 3000Hrs and is suitable for basic lighting fields such as office buildings, shopping malls, factories, and homes.

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