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by:Leimove     2020-04-05
With the October, the National Development and Reform Commission and other six departments jointly announced the 'opinions on the development of energy-saving industry for semiconductor LED Lamps' (Referred to as 'opinions') , As well as various financial subsidies introduced earlier and the Ministry of Science and Technology's plan of 'ten cities and ten thousand lamps', LED green lighting industry has entered a period of rapid development. Under the strong support of the government, the LED lighting industry will face opportunities and challenges. For this reason, this reporter interviewed Liu Shiping, deputy secretary general of the China LED lighting society. Liu Shiping: the goal of this 'opinion' is that by 2015, the average annual growth rate of the output value of China's semiconductor LED lamp energy-saving industry will be around 30%, among which the market share of functional LED lamps related to buildings will increase by about 20%, the market share of landscape decoration and other products reaches more than 70%, and the increase of market share will directly reduce building energy consumption. Due to the lack of core technology, the development of LED in China is not balanced between upstream and downstream. Most enterprises are small in scale, low in technology and unreasonable in industrial structure, which form the bottleneck of the development of the whole industry. With the country's attention and support to this emerging industry, it is expected to promote China's semiconductor LED lighting enterprises to extend upstream of the industrial chain and optimize the layout of the entire green LED lighting industrial chain. In general, the introduction of the 'opinions' will directly drive the rapid development of domestic LED lamps, drivers and testing equipment industries. China real estate news: in the face of the current development situation, how should the entire LED lighting industry respond? Liu Shiping: the sustainable development of any industry cannot be separated from the norms of industry standards. However, the current situation of China's LED industry is the lack of standards, which are mainly in the fields of LED light sources and other application products. Without standard specifications, there will be high development costs, poor product adaptability, and difficulty in meeting actual requirements. Especially in LED lamp products, safety, light pollution and environmental protection must be considered. Only industrial standardization can help the domestic LED industry to improve its technical content and break the monopoly of European and American countries on high-end technology. In the final analysis, in the green LED industry, who has the most advanced scientific research technology and achievements, who will win the market opportunity. At the same time, domestic upstream enterprises have a considerable gap with foreign brands in terms of concept, operation management and organization of technology development. The key for domestic enterprises to turn their disadvantages into 'late-development advantages' is to change their operating concepts and increase their research and development of science and technology, so as not to achieve quick success and instant benefits. China real estate news: what kind of changes will the rapid development of LED lighting industry bring to the field of architectural LED lighting? Liu Shiping: at present, LED in the field of architectural lamps and lanterns is mainly concentrated on street lamp LED lamps, architectural decoration and indoor and outdoor lighting. However, with the development of the industry, more indoor LED lamp enterprises will join the LED field, which will promote indoor LED lamps and functional LED lamps. At present, OP, Rex and Sidon have also begun to enter the LED market. In many cases, due to different users, architectural LED lamps have stricter requirements for LED lamps, which on the contrary makes LED promising. Taking commercial buildings as an example, there are many types of commercial places, and different places have different requirements for illumination. At the same time, their illumination time is long, and they also have special requirements for color rendering, high-intensity illumination puts forward higher standards and requirements for energy conservation. In addition, some special LED lamps have more stringent requirements for light characteristics. The application of LED solves the problem of energy saving, and at the same time makes the light softer. With the development trend of intelligence, the exterior design of LED lamps will be more diversified, this enables LED lamps to make great achievements in commercial buildings, office buildings, LED lamps, hotels and other public buildings.
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