LED lighting products are gradually entering the commercial and household markets

by:Leimove     2020-03-28
According to market estimates, the penetration rate of LED lighting in 2010 is about 4% ~ 5. 5%, and although the luminous efficiency of LED lamps is the same as that of fluorescent lamps in 2010, the penetration rate is expected to challenge 10% in 2011, and the luminous efficiency has the opportunity to increase by another 20% and surpass fluorescent lamps. As incandescent lamps are gradually declining, as well as government subsidies and other factors, LED lighting has gradually entered the main market of commercial and household LED lighting from niche applications in the past, such as display cabinet lights, plant lights and medical lights. In 2009, the Ministry of Science and Technology issued a document agreeing to carry out the pilot work of the 'ten cities and ten thousand lamps' semiconductor LED lighting application project in 21 cities in China, and Ningbo was included in the pilot city. The Ministry of Science and Technology has carried out the pilot work of the semiconductor LED lighting application project of 'ten cities and ten thousand lamps', aiming at breaking through the important key technologies that restrict the transformation and upgrading of the semiconductor LED lighting industry, promoting energy conservation and emission reduction, and stimulating consumer demand, effectively guide the healthy and rapid development of China's semiconductor LED lighting application and the rapid improvement of the overall competitiveness of the semiconductor LED lighting industry. In the future, Ningbo's major engineering landscape lighting projects will take the lead in adopting semiconductor lighting (Referred to as 'LED ') Products, and by 2015, Ningbo will promote the application of 1. 5 million LED products (Support, set). This is the reporter yesterday (July 20) I learned from the 'implementation plan for semiconductor LED lighting application project in Ningbo' which has just been approved by the General Office of Ningbo municipal government. As a newly developed product, the raw material cost of LED lighting is still relatively high. It is precisely because of the huge potential of the market that many domestic and foreign enterprises have accelerated their efforts in the field of LED lighting products. In addition to the global automatic control giant Honeywell, Midea Group, which mainly produces household appliances in China, also entered the LED lighting industry in a high-profile manner last year to compete for the huge market cake of China's LED lighting. As a new force in the LED lighting industry, Raymond Co. , Ltd. has advanced into the LED lighting industry with its more than 20 years of optical, mechanical and electrical integration production technology precipitation and talent advantages, and has developed a series of products with a number of independently developed patented technologies, for example, a series of LED high-power constant-current direct-drive power supplies and LED lighting products have been developed, leading the industry with its environmental protection, innovation, science and technology and fashion.
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