Led lighting products need to establish brand mechanism

by:Leimove     2020-04-02
A large number of OEM products of led lamps also make China's own products rarely accepted and recognized by the US market, resulting in the dilemma of Chinese led lamp products in the US market. Once a large number of products leave the port, they do not know where they are shipped, and they do not know who the terminal buyers are. Consumers are also unclear about which enterprise produces these good products, and brand awareness is even more impossible. The homogeneous competition among Chinese enterprises is very fierce. We have provided more than 70% of OEM in Europe, but our profits have been lowered by our disorderly competition and price war, A vicious circle of low profits has been formed, and innovation and patent rights have been neglected. Instead, use more extreme methods to reduce costs, lower prices and survive in chaotic markets. We call on domestic led lamp manufacturers not to continue in a vicious circle, and should ideally think about the future development of enterprises!
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