LED Lighting The Next Generation Lighting Choice

by:Leimove     2020-06-12
LED stands for light emitting diode, which is the lighting source of an LED bulb. An LED creates light using the movement of electricity along the path of its semiconductor. As the electrons stream across the semiconductor, they create electromagnetic radiation. Some forms of this electromagnetic radiation can take the form of visible light, which humans can perceive via sight. The technology of emitting light with diodes itself is not new. Back in 1970s, LEDs were already used in numeric displays and indicator lights. With the development of technology, now LEDs have been used widely for all kinds of applications such as exit signs, accent lights, task lights, traffic lights, cove lighting, down lighting, signage and wall sconces. There are a number of benefits in using LEDs for lighting. LED lamps are small in size, have long life circle and give low heat output. They are durable and energy-efficient lighting fixtures and thus called 'green' lights. What is more attractive, LED lights can be designed to meet special demands. Color changing, dimming and distribution can all be specially designed as the users desire. Currently, LED lighting has been dominating the market of exit sign and traffic signals with its features of saving energy and maintenance cost. As for architectural lighting market, the demand is still limited to white light LED lamps. Many lighting designers begin to realize the design flexibility of LED lights and present the world with innovative LED lighting fixtures now and then. What remains a problem is that white LEDs do not produce enough lumen output to make them competitive with many other light sources. They also still have the problem of poor color rendering, and it takes to time to prove that LEDs can really last for decades as they are advertised. Such disadvantages make many people hesitate to choose LED lights when purchasing lighting products. The prime time of LED lighting is yet to come.
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