LED Lighting VS. Fluorescent Lamps

by:Leimove     2020-06-12
LED lightings are also called as the next generation lighting system. It is because this lighting system come with numerous kinds of benefits with it and can be used at home as well as in business alike. Because of its benefits, LED lightings are replacing the conventional fluorescent lights. They consume less energy yet provide brighter light for a longer period of time than the traditional lights that we use. They are also highly durable and because of all the advantages it comes up with, they are now slowly taking in the places of fluorescent lights and CFL lights. They also come in a large number of varied types such as LED Flexible lightings, LED tubes (both T5 and T8), LED down Lighting etc. The Fluorescent lights, which were really popular before the birth of LED lights, contain toxic materials and thus it is harmful to us as well as to the environment. When a fluorescent bulb is broken, it emits the mercury that is used in its manufacturing process. As mercury is really harmful to our body, it is necessary to evacuate the keep the room clear of any body for at least four hours as the toxic material can damage one's respiratory system as it floats in the air. Also those workers, who work in the manufacturing plant of such lights, have to be really careful as they have to work with toxic materials. On the other hand, the LED lightings are safe. It is not just the general people but also the professionals are also impressed with the LED lights. It is because LED lighting systems are easier to install and they work for really longer period of time. Even if they are used for twenty four hours a day, they can last up to a decade and sometimes even more. The best part is that if you have a regular slot for fluorescent T8 or T tube lights, you can plug the LED lights in and you will be done. You will not have to go through the hassle of changing the ballasts. As they have longer life span, you will not have to worry over having to replace them often. It will help you to save up in greater amount. They also have sleek look that is way better than the conventional lights. Fluorescent lights take up more energy than the LED lights. If you switch to LED lights, you will be able to cut the energy bill in half without having to compromise the brightness or the longevity. Another best thing about LED lights is that they do not flicker. The LED has the efficacy of hundred lumen / watt whereas the fluorescent lights have sixty lumen / watt. Also, LED lights can convert most of the energy that they take into light. By consuming only thirty percent energy of what the fluorescent light takes, LED lights can provide you the same amount of lumen. So switch to LED lightings for getting energy efficient and better lighting.
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