LED lights will inevitably replace traditional lamps

by:Leimove     2020-03-28
The core raw material of LED lamp is LED light emitting chip, which directly converts electric energy into light energy. So far, the conversion rate is the highest optical material. Why do I say for sure that LED lamps will inevitably replace traditional lamps? It is because it has the characteristics of long service life, color close to natural light, energy saving and environmental protection. We compare ordinary 9W energy-saving lamps, LED energy-saving lamps only need 3W to reach the brightness of ordinary 9W energy-saving lamps. The life of ordinary energy-saving lamps is only about 12 months, while the life of 3WLED energy-saving lamps can reach at least 50 thousand hours, the life of LED luminous components can reach 10 hours. In this way, we come to a conclusion that a 3WLED energy-saving lamp can last for 5 years or more, and an ordinary 9W energy-saving lamp needs to be replaced one year. Moreover, the power consumption of ordinary 9W energy-saving lamps is equal to 3 times that of 3 w led energy-saving lamps. If you pay attention to the observation, supermarkets and shopping malls are currently replacing LED lighting products such as LED lamps and LED downlights. Municipal projects such as LED street lamps are also the inevitable choice to replace ordinary street lamps!
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