LED Moving Heads - Portable And Effective

by:Leimove     2020-06-11
Moving head lights are fantastic stand-alone units which spin, move and swivel in practically any direction, sprinkling coloured lights all over the ceiling, walls, floors, the stage and the visitors of the place. Moving head fixtures are common devices in a lot of bars, eating places, discos and nightclubs. As a light source, the moving heads use either arc lamps or the cutting edge LED (light emitting diodes) technology. Using the most recent LED lighting has its positive aspects, but there also are a couple of drawbacks. Once referring to positive aspects of LED units, its low energy consumption is the initial point that have to be started with. It is so little, simply because LED devices need less energy than a standard light bulb, which, in the end, implies that a lot of units could possibly be installed and use the power of a normal energy supply. This is amazing for disco and DJ parties. So besides being quite convenient to work with, LED moving heads might save some cash from the energy bill. One more benefit of LED moving head light is the low warmth emission. Compared to normal stage lighting lamps, moving head fixtures utilizing LED technology do not get extremely hot, meaning that the lighting show might be run with no interruptions, due to equipment fault. And also, LED lights are longer lasting - the regular life of the LED is close to 50 000 working hours, which makes the upkeep of the units easier and cheaper. LED moving head spots benefit additionally from their colour effects. The three standard colours - Red, Green and Blue (RGB) - mixed together, guarantees millions of mixtures and colour choices. The mix of colours is quickly managed using the help of a DMX software installed on a normal PC. Moving heads DMX are also little, compact and portable. Because of their small dimensions and lightweight materials, it is quite easy to set them up and move them at any spot in the club or bar. Unfortunately, LED moving heads have some negative aspects too. They are coming mainly from restrictions of the LED specification. LED beams cannot get a pointed spotlight, simply because there exist a lot of sources of light. It is additionally challenging to get a 'normal' white colour. Actually, some colours are just about impossible to create, even using the countless possibilities of colour mixing. One more problem of the LED moving heads is the simple fact that their depth falls down quite quick in big ranges - a possible reason for this is the lack of lens. The consequence is that the light breaks and it cannot be good concentrated into a single beam. It additionally takes a little bit more time to set up the DMX moving heads (setting DMX addresses, light patterns programming, and so forth.) Even with their limitations, LED moving heads operated by a DMX software are crucial for the evolution of the stage and nightclub lighting technological innovation. They are quite versatile due to the big variety of DMX channels being used, which helps make them nowadays inseparable component of any light show.
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