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by:Leimove     2020-06-11
Led(led strip lights) industry is an emerging industry, the rapid development in recent decades, but the unbalanced regional development, also in the quite different development model. Europe, America, Japan and regional development early, nurtured led many large companies, which with its strong financial strength and advanced technology, to take a more vertically integrated business model, from epitaxial, chip manufacturing to the device package covering the entire industry Some even involved in the application areas, such as Japan nichia, Germany osram, the United States cree and so on. China and Taiwan into the late led industry, led corporate financial strength, technology level and the European, American, Japanese enterprises have a certain gap, and they tend to focus on a particular aspect of the industry chain, take the professional road. With the Chinese mainland and Taiwan enterprises in the financial strength and technology level, the current field in the package, luminous efficiency, color rendering index and other major indicators have no obvious difference at home and abroad. Meanwhile, the domestic packaging companies led the characteristics of small scale and number, to 500 ~ 600, with a certain scale, sales of more than ten million yuan in about 100 enterprises, mainly Lehman optoelectronic packaging companies in Shenzhen, Xiamen Hualian, Foshan country stars, steady run, Jiangsu, Guangzhou Hongli, Ningbo l spectrum, joint creation of Jiangxi, Tianjin Star, Langfang Xin Gu, Shenzhen Ruifeng, Shenzhen light quantum, Kin Lung Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd.. In addition, the market has in general lampled cheap low-level competition; in the high-end market, high-quality lampled and smdled of key production technology industry is still only a small number of large enterprises to master, the industry is still high barriers to entry. In recent years, based on factors such as labor and markets, global led industries continue to transfer to the Chinese mainland, Taiwan billion light, Bai Hong, and foreign industry leaders began to set up factories in mainland China, the next 5-10 years, the Pearl River Delta, Yangtze River Delta and Fujian Region will become the center of the world led package. Can be expected, led(flexible led strips) the field of packaging will become increasingly fierce competition.
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