Led Panel Light

This product has a fliver frame which is able to attract people's eyes. The panel is ultra-thin with a thickness of only 9mm. The ultra-thin and light design save the integral space of the product and improve its circuit design, which greatly improves the lighting effect. Having been processed by the aluminum anodic oxidation technology, the product has a surface with the properties of corrosion resistance and wear resistance. We adopt Epist light as the light source which guarantees high brightness and larger light output in a wider angle. By using the latest high-efficiency constant-current drives, we make the product generate no glaring light, which can protect people's eyesight. Smart IC and isolation protection are achieved by the non-flame PC and integrated circuit control. As for the safe isolation protection, it meets the European standard. The product also has the performance of environmental protection and durability. It can function well free from the radio interference. The product is available in natural white and cool white color. It is designed to offer a clean light output. With a low energy consumption, the product not only produces bright illumination but also helps save energy and cost throughout the long-time use.

With a lifetime of over 50,000 hours, Leimove LED panel light has gained a lot of popularity among customers across the world.

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