Leimove's LED spot light stands out in the international markets with its wide application and stability. Warranted by the comprehensive quality control system, the product is highly appraised by both domestic and foreign clients.

We adopt an exclusive lens design to change the design concept of the traditional optical systems to make the product more attractive. With an optical design, the product also has an enhanced light control effect and higher light quality. Thanks to the compact integrated design and high-purity aluminum structure, the lamp's structure has been more stable and the heat of the light source can be transmitted in a more efficient way, which can ensure the internal of the lamps to be reliable and safe. High-performance imported chips - Cob and advanced secondary optics design make the product be more reliable and will not bring a heat-caused security problem during the long-time use. The product is manufactured with an output of luminous flux of over 100lm/W, color rendering index of over 85, and color temperature of 3000K, 4000K, and 6000K. At the same time, it also has 86% power supply efficiency. All of these proved parameters prove that our product is capable of providing an excellent lighting effect.

Leimove LED spot light has an average life span of 36000hrs, which is bound to bring the added value to customers.

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