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LED Spot Light vs. LED Flood Light: What's the Difference?

LED Spot Light vs. LED Flood Light: What's the Difference?


There are many options when it comes to outdoor lighting projects. Among all available lamps, the most energy-efficient ones are LED lighting products. And LED flood light and LED spotlight are popular choices. However, determining which one is best for different lighting needs can be confusing. To complicate matters, a manufacturer's spotlight may fall into the floodlights that another manufacturer believes. Therefore, it is important to understand the exact characteristics of the two kinds of lights and the differences between them. If you are already on this page, you must have an eager to understand the difference between spotlights and floodlights. Don't worry. You have come to the right place. With this article, you can be clearer when choosing the right outdoor lighting for your project.

The Characteristics of LED Spot Light

The LED spot light, also known as LED project light, is primarily used to illuminate buildings and commercial spaces. Its main functions are illumination and decoration. With heat dissipation performance into consideration, LED spotlights are made into different appearance from traditional spotlights. Round, square, and other special shapes are available.

At present, LED spotlights mostly use 1W LED as the light source (each LED unit has a high-efficiency lens made of PMMA, whose main function is to secondly distribute LED illumination). Some manufacturers adopt 3W or higher power LEDs as light sources, giving the lights better heat dissipation performance. This superior LED spot light is suitable for illuminating large occasions and buildings.

1. With a high-purity aluminium reflector, it delivers more accurate beams and better reflection.

2. It has a dial that helps to adjust the angle of the illumination beam.

3. Its lighting distribution system is symmetry type narrow-angle, wide-angle and asymmetrical.

4. It is very easy to maintain.


The LED spot light is controlled by an internal microchip. In small cases, you don't need to use the controller, it can achieve gradients, jumps, colorful flashes, random to alternate flash and gradient. In large cases, tracking and scanning effects can also be achieved with the DMX controller.

Currently, LED spotlights are used for exterior lighting in individual buildings, as well as lighting for green belts, billboards and medical culture equipment. They can also be used in bars, dance halls, and other entertainment venues to create a lighting atmosphere.

The Characteristics of LED Flood Light

The LED flood light is a kind of point light source which can even illuminate toward all round, its lighting range can be adjusted at random. For a large range, it can be used to illuminate the whole of occasions. LED floodlight is the most applicable lighting source when making the effect drawing. LED floodlights can also illuminate the object from a special spot. They are similar to lamp bulbs or candles at that time. They can be put anywhere, for example, outside of the lighting range of camera or inner of the object.

It is very common to use many different colors of LED floodlights at remote distance occasions. These LED floodlights can project the dark areas and gather them on the module. As the lighting range of LED floodlights is very wide, their lighting effect is very easy to forecast. And these lights also have many accessory functions.  For example, when put LED floodlights near the surface of an object, the object would have bright lighting.

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The Differences between LED Spot Light and LED Flood Light

Beam Differences - A LED spot light casts a narrow beam of light, usually no wider than 45 degrees. This beam is more concentrated and easier to point and control. A LED flood light creates a large beam spread that can cast from 50 to 120 degrees of light. As this is a larger beam, this light covers a significantly large amount of space without compromising energy efficiency (wattage) or light brightness (lumen) in comparison to the spotlight.

Application Differences - LED spotlights are mainly used for the lighting and decoration in buildings and commercial space. There are various styles available to suit different spaces. LED floodlights are from a special point to even illuminate the surroundings, and their lighting range can be adjusted at random. The standard LED flood light can illuminate whole of occasion.

Unfortunately, we can’t tell you which light is best for you and your needs. Every individual is different. All we can do is present you with the appropriate information, allowing you to make the best judgment call.

However, after having read this blog article, you should feel more comfortable choosing the right light. Before you decide to buy a spotlight or floodlight, you need to ask yourself what you need the light for. Knowing the purpose behind the light should allow you to choose the best one for your specific needs.

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