LED Spotlights Harnessing The Advantage Of Directional

by:Leimove     2020-06-10
An LED produces directional light. Strategic placement of LEDs and good luminary design help achieve a better spread of light. Spotlight and pendant lights, however, may need focused light. Focused light is the home turf of LEDs. Incandescent bulbs and halogen bulbs need reflectors to get the desired beam angle with associated losses. LED pendant lights achieve this solely by using lenses. If you are looking for a parallel beam of light - LED pendant lights with individual collimating lenses are meant for you. If, on the other hand, you prefer diffused light and would like to eliminate hard shadows, an LED coupled with a good optical diffuser will fit the bill perfectly. The need for energy efficient spotlights and pendant lights had long been sorely felt. A well-directed spot light can work wonders for any area. Once you start using light as an element of dcor the electricity consumption goes up with every addition. Pendant lights are probably the last refuge of the halogen bulb. The small profile of halogen lamps meant that CFLs would find it difficult to replace them in decorative lights and spotlights. The halogen bulb was safe from the onslaught of energy efficient fluorescent bulbs. All was well until LED pendant lights came along. Suddenly there was a competitor that was small, lightweight, vibration resistant and energy efficient at the same time. When you are decorating your house with halogen lamp spotlights and pendant lights the wattages add up quickly. Custom chandeliers made from a combination of several pendant lights are particularly energy hogging. Thankfully, energy efficient LEDs can now help you achieve your desired dcor without loading up the watts. LED spotlights harness the biggest strength of LED lighting-their directional nature and low temperature lighting. The directional light from an LED has long been recognized as the ideal choice for highlighting objects of interest whether it is a painting in a home or an item on display in a retail store window. Other advantages include a long service life, lumen maintenance and high lumen per watt productivity. High power LED spotlights are particularly efficient at producing light. Fire safety is an important reason why LED spotlights are rapidly replacing halogen bulbs. Illuminating a large area with halogen spotlights and ceiling lights requires the installation of wiring capable of supporting high electricity loads. In older buildings, replacing the older wiring to accommodate halogen energy hogs may turn out to be too costly. LEDs on the other hand are easier to handle. Given that a 6-watt LED spot light can replace a 50-watt halogen light, the advantage is too big to be ignored. Too many halogen lights in a confined space increase the temperature and consequently the air-conditioning costs. Given the high temperature, using these lights close to inflammable or delicate materials is also not advisable. In the initial years, the variety of LED lights was restricted. The increasing popularity of LED lights has spurred the availability of myriad different shapes, color temperatures and base other options. Whether you need a MR16, Edison or GU10 bulb for your needs, finding it is a simple affair. For more information on LED Pendant Lights and LED Spotlights, please visit: http://www.myledlightingguide.com
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