LED The Development Trend of The Industry

by:Leimove     2020-06-09
LED lighting is currently used in frozen food in the lighting. LED lamps and lanterns and some other semiconductor devices are enough have high luminous efficiency, long time and low temperature. And low efficiency of the lighting lamps and lanterns, except for shine and energy consumption outside, which produces a large cooling will also need the refrigerator to cooling system, which can cause the waste electricity. Irish Nualight company said, with the right light source to light up the food is very important. Currently retail food lighting market value, to $1 billion. Retail food lighting market will be a promising market. Nualight company in the past few years average annual growth rate of more than 100% was. Liam pointed out that, so far, to pay more is the fridge freezers and configuration of the lighting system. Hope in LED lighting applications of freezers instead of a fluorescent lamp. In recent years, including wal-mart, Telco,, Roger and SUPERVALU, large global food retailers, is in the frozen food with fluorescent lighting replaced ark LED, save energy as high as 70%. 3, LED light source in the KTV room of application KTV rooms lamp is to belong to a class of stage lights, with domestic economic level growth, people entertainment also more and more rich, go to the pub KTV rooms K song is one of the most common way of leisure, entertainment, the general KTV cabins indoor decoration has personalized needs, so a lot of KTV rooms operators would have to keep up with the trend of The Times, often to the KTV rooms local or decorate afresh, thus it can also be produced the belongs to a kind of equipment for KTV rooms, KTV rooms lamp will belong to the KTV room lighting sound category. TV room lights classification: KTV room lights to press utility cent can be divided into a, performing arts of light, this kind of is a common stage lighting, including moving head light, scanner light, wizard light, laser, design lanterns again, scanning type of three claws fish, eight claw fish, lanterns bimonthly, arrows and energy-saving lamp magic ball, lighting, rain light, led palmer lamp, the console, small machine, etc. The manufacturing atmosphere effect, and the second is the environment of lighting, LED lighting palmer lamp, energy-saving fluorescent tubes, wall lamp, droplight, desk lamp, explosion-proof lamps, ZiGuangDeng etc, on environmental lighting effect. Three is decoration class, have LED background curtain, LED channeling light, lighting, LED guardrail tube, article LED lights, LED floor brick, acrylic light box, etc, on environmental adornment effect. KTV room lamps Features: KTV room lamps for KTV rooms itself characteristic is the characteristics of the decision, the general KTV cabins every day to continuous business 12 hours or so, long time of use, with lamps and put forward the performance of high demand, so KTV room lamps must durable. 2 It is lamps and effect of personalized design, the design of many KTV rooms will be in decorating a respect to pursue personalized, so as to lead the tide, attract consumers. 4, the subway tunnel lighting Because of the subway underground operation in year, compared with beacon have very high demand. It requires not only saving electricity, high brightness, the long life, must also ensure uninterrupted lighting. However, the commonly used incandescent lamp, fluorescent, high-pressure sodium lamp and so on all have some shortcomings, there will be some hard to avoid lighting fault. In contrast, LED with environmental protection, energy saving, long service life, high efficiency, no radiation and other characteristics, prolong service life and greatly reduce energy consumption. And, LED characteristics of strong vibration resistance are very suitable for metro operation environment, can do in 67 without replacement, LED lamp can effect comparing common fluorescent lamp nearly 50% higher. Therefore, the LED has become the best green lighting lamps and lanterns. The subway station using LED lamp, cannot only save a lot of electricity, and also can save you a lot of the cost of maintenance. At the same time, also can ensure the quality of illumination. LED lighting in the subway the problems existing in the system, and provides a new structure, low cost, long service life, power saving effect is good, high reliability of subway lighting scheme. According to expert estimates, although the LED lamp is expensive, but the common fluorescent lamp is equivalent to 50 times. Train transformation total fee as high as $50000, but saving of the electricity and the maintenance cost almost three years to recover costs, so in Beijing Metro is expected to be a large-scale promotion. According to information, ED and semiconductor lighting says, is different from common energy-saving lamp of a new generation of lighting technology. the test G432 train. Inside of the train 168 a fluorescent lamp will change entirely for LED lights. Relative to fluorescent lamp each five or six yuan price, the new replacement of LED lighting market price as high as 300 yuan. Current test project belongs to the National '863,' and the scientific and technical content, temporary manufacturers, free. Four, lighting use LED packaging development trend 1, COB packaging COB, in the electronic manufacturing and is not a new technology, it is to point to directly attached to the extension of naked in the circuit board, and will lead/welding line directly in the PCB's gold-plated welding line, is also commonly known as the lineup (Wire bonding), again through the glue sealing technology, effective will IC manufacturing process of the steps to the circuit board packaging transfer directly assembly. LED industry in, because the modern science and technology products more and more exquisite frivolous and high portability, in addition, in order to save more than one LED chip design of the system board space problems in high power LED system requirements, he developed directly attached to chip in the system board COB technology. The advantages of the COB are: the high cost benefit, line is simple in design, save the system board space and so on, but there is also a chip integrated brightness, mixed color temperature and system integration technology threshold. With 25 W LED as an example, the traditional 25 W high power LED light source, should be used in 25 of the 1 W LED chip packages into 25 single LED components, and COB polymorphism is a 1 W will be 25 LED chip packages in a single chip, so need two optical lens will 25 pieces from reduced to 1 piece, help to narrow the light source area, reduction material, system cost, then it can be simplified light source is second optical design and save assembly manpower cost. In addition, high power COB encapsulation only a single high power LED to replace more than one 1 w (including) above LED encapsulation, make product volume more frivolous short. 2, high pressure LED In the same output power, high pressure LED the drive currently significantly lower than low voltage LED. Such as the wafer of photoelectric high pressure blu-ray 1 WLED, for example, the positive pressure drop as much as 50 V, i.e., it only 20 mA drive current can output 1 W power, and ordinary positive pressure drop for 3 V 1 WLED, need 350 mA drive current can output 1 W power, so the same output power of the high pressure at work of LED dissipation power to is far lower than the low voltage LED, this means that the cost of aluminum shell heat can be greatly reduced. High pressure LED can dramatically reduce AC-DC conversion efficiency loss. With 10 W power output for example, if the positive pressure drop for 50 V 1 W high pressure LED, the output can take 2 and 4 string of configuration, four series LED the positive pressure drop for 200 V, that is just from the utility 220 V an alternating current (AC) use bridge rectifier and drop 20 V. But if we adopt positive pressure drop for 3 V 1 W low-voltage LED, even 10 string together positive pressure drop also but 30 V, that is from 220 VAC utility the buck need to 30 VDC. We know, the input and output differential pressure is lower, the AC to DC conversion efficiency is higher, visible such as using high pressure LED, the efficiency of the transformer can be greatly improved, which can dramatically reduce AC-DC when converting the power loss, the heat consumption and reduce the cost of further reduce heat dissipation shell. Therefore, such as using high pressure LED to develop general lighting lamps LED products, overall power consumption can be reduced greatly, and has reduced to heat dissipation shell design requirements, such as we use the thin lighter more aluminum enclosures can satisfy the demand LED lamps and heat, because the cost of aluminum shell heat is LED lighting lamps major cost part of aluminum shell cost effective to reduce also means that overall LED lighting lamps and reduce the cost. This show, high pressure LED can bring the LED illumination lamps and weight of the effect to reduce the cost, but the more important significance is to significantly reduce the heat to the design of the system requirements, and cleared the LED lighting lamps strong enter indoor lighting market of the biggest hurdles. Therefore, high pressure will be dominated by the future LED LED general lighting lamps market. 3, AC LED With high efficiency and energy saving, green environmental protection, the long life for the new characteristics of LED lighting technology now is speeding up the development, the application of new technology, new project is also emerging. LED lighting design can be combined with light source characteristics, such as the light source, cold light and color directional change, will become the mainstream market will lighting. In recent years, as in material selection, LED grain process, encapsulation structure design technology, and other aspects of the research advances, a new exchange light emitting diode (AC LED technology arises at the historic moment, by a new idea, promote the LED lighting technology and practical. The traditional LED is typical of the low voltage DC device, not directly in our daily lighting use power source is high voltage AC 100 ~ 220 V) use, must pass a transformer or switch power supply step-down, then will exchange (AC) transform into direct current (DC), to transform into a constant DC current source, can use for LED light source. So in LED lighting is found to have the space to put this converter, go against the lighting design and miniaturization. And the change of the system based on the link, energy there must be a certain amount of loss. DC in LED ac/DC switch between about 15% to 30% of the electric power be loss, the efficiency of the system had to do more than 90%. If can exchange (AC) direct drive LED light source to shine, and system application plan will greatly simplify. The efficiency of the system will be very easy above 90%. Transform the existence of the traditional device cause LED lighting products the high cost of the important factors that restrict LED light source products have become the bottleneck of life, can't reflect the characteristics of LED long life. AC LED is compared with the traditional DC LED, it need not after the AC/DC conversion, which can be directly plugged in 220 V (or 110 V) alternating current use of LED lighting technology. AC LED light source is the key technology of grain in the package LED special arrangement combination technology, at the same time use LED PN junction of diode characteristics and make rectification, through the semiconductor fabrication process will more grain integration in a single chip, namely high power single grain (single power chip) LED technology, and the staggered arrangement of the matrix technology bridge type circuit, make the AC current can be double guide line, realize to shine. The arrangement of the grain size as shown in figure 1 shows, the picture on the left is AC LED grain the staggered arrangement of matrix diagram, right picture is actual AC LED grain arrangement photos, AC LED grain in exchange body in again after shine, and therefore only need the two lead into the source that could work exchange glow.
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