Led to Replace The Traditional Lighting Actually

by:Leimove     2020-06-06
Now the LED industry in order to open civil market, much is designed to replace LED lamps way, namely directly replace existing lamps and lanterns. But in the process of development of lamps, in addition to the compact fluorescent tube directly replace incandescent lamp beyond, directly replace mode few, like T8, absorbing dome light is almost fluorescent patents, and droplight is still the world of tungsten, LED to replace the traditional lighting actually what shortage? Many companies will be LED by the current do big in maintaining the same brightness reduce the wick number to reduce cost, or compression PCB area, or reduce safety device such as a method, of course, everybody to want to believe that China's company in the compression on the cost of congenital superiority. LED has not market part of the enterprise faces shuffle, this to the entire industry a troubled, the bulk of funds into exacerbate the fall of the small and medium-sized enterprises. In the LED industry; LED development of technology of would be off even degradation, on the other hand, the cost of the compression, or too much focus on cost can't guarantee ultimate product characteristics, will to a large degree can't show the advantage of LED. Below I come from several aspects to see to replace conventional lighting disadvantage LED: 1. The heat on The poor heat LED will bring the wick of life. The existing LED lamp design is usually cooling it is difficult to meet the required, in a very demanding requirements of heat field, but use a very mean passive cooling mode, and is more air cooling, even an air cooling is enclosed. Like some lamps and lanterns in board and aluminum heat sink drive between plastic casing to add to increase the reliability of the insulation, still need to improve heat dissipation silica gel filled cooling capacity. And the tube tube or closed T8, wick can only rely on air convection heat transfer to the back of the tube aluminum tube on cooling. Generally this kind of lamp of internal temperature will have over degrees. And if both the heat dissipation, weight is problem; Both the weight, heat to guarantee, the existing design is in a dilemma choice, it is not feasible standards. 2. The price LED drive board in temperature of about 70 degrees may life expectancy only 5 years (household), far from reach LED the wick 10 years of the 'concept'. So the same brightness compared the fluorescent lamps for, even if only one year in the life of fluorescent lamp, fluorescent light of 1 W1 yuan than 1 W10 yuan LED it is much more. Especially LED lamps are often not bad damage wick, but the lamp replacement. Calculate a calculate for one over ten of driver board will forsake left the lamp of nine over ten (the wick and heat sink accounted for most of the cost of the whole lamps), if every manufacturers are not ready to recycling of words, the customer is not like this product. 3. Efficiency Why should consider the efficiency of the problem? One is PF value, one is the efficiency of the system. Due to the existing LED design most are low power, by the pressure of the cost all use passive PFC (to the valley type), PF the highest possible 90, far less than the 99 initiative easily PFC efficiency, to countries with LED to replace the luminous efficiency very near to the fluorescent lamp is a pressure. Because of the design of the existing LED lamps (except for street lamp, and most are small power, like 4.8 W, 7.2 W, devices of a big proportion of the loss, the inevitable very low isolation method, in order to improve the efficiency and use the isolation method not only on safety do very good design, and efficiency only in 80 or so, it's not ideal. And, the existing LED manufacturers exactly how much do the LED light, did not provide accurate numerical, often far smaller than the nominal value brightness shine. 4. Light sensor LED a advantage is spectrum pure, but this is a visual above in a serious disadvantage. The eyes are not long time observation a single chromatography of the source of the light, LED cocoa dimmer, but more troublesome, more professional, need theory and a lot of the investigation data support, is a lot of all light material manufacturer or LED light source manufacturers or solution provider difficult to achieve. 5. Life The life of the bottleneck in the system LED driven plate, often LED the wick no damage, system driver has been broken. Another LED light failure is very serious, the existing LED by domestic lighting most volume restrictions, protection is hard to make very good, in voltage fluctuation is bigger, interference serious area. 6. Weight The lamps and lanterns of the interface of spiral, the weight of the fluorescent lamps only LED one of the several points, because without the heat sink, the weight of the fluorescent lamp holder of negligible, but LED to the weight of the lamp holder is a very serious test, especially 7.8 W spiral interface LED lights. General LED lamps and lanterns particles are all is quite obvious, and the light position more concentrated, visual lamps will be a tingling, the feeling in the other light sources in general only the high power will be revealed. So in light above all LED to do better design, so as to realize that the situation in brightness, will be expanded to the side as far as possible point light source the light source, improve the eyes of comfort. Another is the many products will do the LED light design, in order to save energy, not to mention the low power of the efficiency of the problem, because the current coil, the existence of the light will lead to in the design of gray-scale discontinuous changes, that is according to the proportion of the adjustment process, the brightness of the LED will gradually become bright and suddenly bright, depending on the feeling is very uncomfortable, dimmer technology still need to develop.
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