Led Track Light

LED track lighting is often used as a specific spotlight that can illuminate the space. It can be widely applied in shopping malls, car display, jewelry stores, star hotels, high-end clubs, and so on.

In terms of the optical system, the reflector is made of highly-purified 99.9% aluminum so that the light can generate a higher lighting effect, the optical design can be more scientific, and the brightness is at least increased by 30%. The aluminum radiator is being processed by the die-casting technology and the base plate directly passes the heat-removal area, so that it achieves the optimal heat removal. The scientific LED design maximizes the thermal resistance of the product and prolongs the LED life. With a uniform light and slow rise in the low temperature, the product makes sure the LED has a decreased heat and enhanced photoelectric conversion efficiency, which will help prevent any over-heated problem from happening during the long-time use and protect the illuminated objects such as jewelry, leatherware, and clothes, which are vulnerable to the infrared ray and ultraviolet ray.

With a low-voltage constant current driver inside, Leimove LED track light is featured with anti-over current, anti-over voltage, and output short circuit protection. This kind of product can ensure 100% safe and eye protection for people.

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