LED vs LCD-Taste The Best Display Type Today

by:Leimove     2020-06-08
It is important for you to understand the difference between LED and LCD before you buy a new television set. If you are in mood of selling your old TV and want to replace it with a new one there must be some thoughts about picture quality. The same thing can happen when you buy computer monitor. Today, due to the advancement of technology CRT TV and monitors are obsolete. There will be no long and hectic cathode tube. Slim and stylish design of flat TVs and computer monitors will encourage you to pay attention to it. Additionally, portability is one of the biggest edges of LED and LCD output devices. I hope you have understood the advantages of LED and LCD devices. But now all on a sudden if you ask me to compare LCD vs LED I will be in deep trouble as both these technologies are advanced and perfect for certain purpose. The only thing to describe the difference is the way backlighting technology is used in both the types. Now, coming to the point LED vs LCD the first thing you will notice is both type of display are liquid crystal based display. LED stands for light emitting diode on the other hand LCD stands for liquid crystal display. LEDs are small electronic devices that emit light on certain change of voltage. LED bulbs get oriented in a particular pattern to show anything in your display unit whether it be TV set or computer monitor or billboard. Since LED technology is more advanced the display quality is always better than LCD. The room for brightness and contrast adjustment is higher and you get crystal clear display. Additionally, thin display panel, efficient heat disposal and low power consumption encourage buyers more to this type of display. On the other hand LCD display type uses two pieces of polarized glass inside the panel. On certain change of voltage such particles change their orientation and show a particular pattern. When the crystals are exposed to fluorescent light the particles emit particular type of lighting effect to the display. That is how brightness and contrast is adjusted to the screen. It is very hard to determine any conclusion between LED vs LCD still I can say LED is better option than LCD. LED monitors are way better option for contrast adjustment. In case of HD quality picture the ratio of brightness and contrast is very important between black and white, two primary colours. Now, technically, the main material for LED display is LED bulbs and better option than fluorescent light beams to show something more prominently. So in my opinion if you are too confused with LED vs LCD you opt for LED-LCD display that is based on 'full array of LEDs with local dimming' technology that brings perfect balance between the duos.
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