LED Writing Boards Used in Advertisement

by:Leimove     2020-06-09
A backlit erasable LED writing board, comprising:a light guide panel;a plurality of light emitting diodes on metallic strips positioned on at least one side surface of the light guide panel for providing light to the light guide panel.The backlit erasable LED writing board of claim 14, wherein the visible light emitting diodes and ultraviolet light emitting diodes that are separately controllable such that three lighting modes of ultraviolet, visible and ultraviolet/visible can transmitted through the erasable writing surface. The backlit erasable LED writing board of claim 7, further comprising a color conversion films on the at least one side surface of the light guide panel adjacent to the plurality of light emitting diodes. LED writing boards can be used as billboard messages both indoors and outdoors.The bright LED light source has a long life span and ensures more than 100,000 hours of light.Auto dealers tend to have repeat customers who are happy and pleased with the services you provide. So this is a great way to promote maybe a service discount or possible a new sales incentive and any new vehicle. This is especially true with new customers as well. They may drive by your location everyday but never knew you existed until you installed a LED neon sign. LED Writing Board is Instead of the traditional POP advertising board, it can be hung or placed in shop windows, transparent glass on the door, the new propaganda cabinet, goods on the counter, the cashier exhibition shop, New, shopping malls, bars, discos, hotels, restaurants, nightclubs, supermarkets, various sizes, stores, a variety of retail shops, enterprises and institutions meeting room, office notes, etc.. Changes in a variety of patterns and colors of this product are all computer controlled by a microcomputer chip. LED Writing Boards - great for advertisement. It can easily be hung on the wall or placed on the wooden stand in front of your place. It is great to be used at both day and night times. LED Writing Board is great for changing messages as often as you wish. You can use it as great advertisement tool or for any kind of presentation.LED lamp a soldering quality is bad, flexible LED lamp with bend process solder easy to produce crisp cracked, falls off phenomenon.The frame thickness is only 25mm, PS frame compared with the traditional aluminium-alloy frame it is more smooth and safe not shape. LED Writing Boards Host 5V, and 12V DC safe voltage power supply, will not be the writing Banban body leakage damage to the body, long service life, using colorful LED high-quality light, continuous light for more than 100,000 hours, Hyun numerous colors;Led writing board of the plate article LED lights not bright eight reasons. LED lamp of packaging protection article is not perfect, cause the transport process bead light hit and damage. LED Fluorescent writing Board can work in nights and days, especially Dazzling in dark environment. You can utilize your creativity to draw any pictures as you like. now many entertainment circles use this new advertisement method to better reflect their own styles, this method is diversified, unique and could create different atmospheres. Any enterprise such as restaurants, bars, hotels, stores, stations, supermarkets, parking lots, companies, schools, churches, etc.
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