LEDs Safe And Versatile

by:Leimove     2020-06-08
If you go out for a drive next time, do notice all the street signs, and other light sources on the street. You will notice that many of them consist of Light-Emitting-Diodes (LEDs) of different sizes as their fundamental light source. A single LED is a very small bulb ranging from 3mm to 8mm across. This bulb when lit produces a significant amount of light. When many of these bulbs are lit together, collectively they produce an adequate amount of light which can then be used for many different purposes. The efficiency of an LED panel is usually improved by changing the shape of the panel, by adding more LEDs to the panel and also by making the panel reflective so that light is directed in one direction as a beam. LEDs are known to be replacing incandescent light bulbs and florescent tube lights for many significant reasons as these reasons range from economical advantages to environmental safety. Light-Emitting-Diodes are not filament based units; hence light is produced when many electrons vibrate at a certain frequency due to electric power in a diode. This is the reason LEDs can withstand shock, electrical and physical as well. LEDs are fitted on panels of different shapes and sizes hence one can find a huge variety LED based light sources. Owing to the increasing popularity of LEDs, LED manufacturers have also started to mass-produce colorful LEDs as well. These LEDs emit light of a specific wavelength and hence a single color of light is seen. Owing to the freedom of shaping and selection of different colors, one can find LED Modules, LED Tubes, and even LED Bars at different places throughout the city. These lights are used for lighting an area plus as a decorative item as well. For example; we can now see LED Flex available in the market; An LED Flex is a flexible tube which is very thin and contains LEDs of specific colors. When lit, they give the visual feel of a neon based light tube. LED Flex is preferred over neon lights because they are flexible and can withstand huge pressure and temperature change. Another main reason why LED lights are preferred over other light sources is that LEDs do not require a large amount of electric power to produce light, matter of fact, LED Tubes and LED Modules use half the electrical energy compared to Florescent tube lights and incandescent bulbs to produce same amount of light. This is why LED lights reduce the amount of cash to be pay on electricity bills. LED lights prove to be economical also because they can provide light for a total of 50,000 hours; therefore LED based lights do not need to be replaced very often. Their performance remains the same throughout their life period whereas a florescent tube gets dimmer as the time passes. Florescent lights contain mercury and other phosphates which can prove to be dangerous for the living things in the environment, therefore LED lights are considered safer since they do not contain any heavy metal or dangerous compounds. LED lights are preferred by people working for the safety of our environment also because of their energy efficiency. Hence they are a good option for countries working on energy conservation as lesser energy wasted means more chances of reversing the effects of global warming.
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