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Leimove polarized eye protection lamp A gift from a mother in the lighting industry

Leimove polarized eye protection lamp A gift from a mother in the lighting industry


"Writing without a shadow, using light more scientifically, the road of promoting polarizing eye protection desk lamp may be long, but I hope through Leimove professional light i can attract consumers’ attention to the light environment for people's health, even as"a martyrs ", also stick to this path..."

people's health, even as"a martyrs ", also stick to this path..."

-- Zhang Huifen, the general manager of Leimove lighting

Leimove lighting has launched the eye protection desk lamp...!

In the past 16 years, Leimove Lighting, which is the leader in the lighting engineering and commercial lighting field, has joined the eye-protection desk lamp production this year. It has launched the first-generation eye protection desk lamp with “polarized light” and “professional light” as the core competitiveness, and plans to enter the civil market through a single product, allowing consumers to enjoy Leimove's professional light technology.

The “Mulan” who dared to fight in the workplace is a good mother and also once a teacher of the people. This eye-protection desk lamp, which has been spent huge sums of money and devoted three years of research and development, is the best gift for students from this mother in the world...

Leimove-Leimove polarized eye protection lamp

Use our profession to reduce the study load for children

Since 2002, Leimove lighting has started with engineering and commercial business, and has been steadily developing in professional light field for 16 years. But how to let ordinary people know Leimove brand? How to let Leimove professional lighting technology better service family consumers? How to make family consumers better understand the importance of high-quality lighting effects on protecting our eyes? How to attach greater importance to the light environment? For this, Leimove implements the big single product strategy and builds the core hardware product that has the market competitive power -- eye-protection desk lamp to attract more customers with the product with good eye protection light effect.

First: Affection. At the beginning of the 90s, Zhang Huifen bought a lamp in the United States as her daughter's school opening gift. At that time, it was sold for about 500 RMB and this lamp accompanied the child throughout her learning career and helped her develop good reading habits. This desk lamp has become a sentimental object during her growth. "In the process of focusing on children's growth, the bags on the children's back are getting heavier and heavier. The lenses on the bridge of the nose are also getting thicker and thicker. As a mother, I can't bear to see this. School bags can not be lightened, but the lens on the bridge can be lightened. So I thought Leimove Lighting's professional light can contribute to them.” Zhang Huifen said with emotion.

Second: Business is business, a small lamp contains a big market. The statistics show that the annual sales have reached more than 20 million in the whole writing desk lamp market. In addition, there are 16 million children of school-age enrolling in the school in China every year, and currently there are about 120 million children from 6 ~ 12. And with the publishing of two-child policy, children population proportion will increase in the future. All these data reveals the huge prospects in this market.

Leimove-Leimove polarized eye protection lamp-1

The craftsmanship pursuit of conscientious enterprise

To be honest, the first generation of Leimove eye protection desk lamp looks simple, but the light quality is quite different. This kind of eye protection desk lamp has a new invention patent and two utility model patents, and also is the professional eye protection desk lamp first improved to adapt to different writing habits with different hands in the industry, which is really a good eye protection desk lamp without strobe or blue light harmless. The product has won common praises from specialists at home and abroad, which is really rare in the industry. Its secret lies in the four connotations.

First: Polarized optical technology is applied for the first time. All lamps give out the circle of light in the market, the angle of light center vertically is 90 °, but the best angle when reading and writing should be 35 to 45 °. If using the traditional desk lamp with 90 °vertically , consumers cannot enjoy the best point of light. Therefore, Leimove lighting applied the polarized desk lamp optical technology developed by Leimove and Finland's top optical manufacturer to effectively controlling the energy distribution of the light emitted by the chip on the desktop; Not only it solves the glare damage to the eyes, avoid unreasonable and strong light on the book to reflex stimulating the eyes to be dry with tears, but also is the first professional polarized optical technology application into the desk lamp in the industry. Wherever the light is, the space is precise. The light distribution area is not the traditional circular light spot area under the lamp, but the elliptical illumination polarization area professionally calculated and analyzed, and the smooth and comfortable illumination enables people to use light more scientifically.

Leimove-Leimove polarized eye protection lamp-2

Second: Applying a wide-wave frequency reading chip customized with Japan. In terms of light color, it uses a light-colored chip customized with Japan station to maintain saturation and color rendering. Currently, all the chips in the market are flat and vertical which is impossible to achieve polarized light. Therefore, ramp-type lamp beads customized by Leimove and Japan's chip companies solve the chips needed for polarizing.

Leimove-Leimove polarized eye protection lamp-3

Third: adopting aviation environmental protection material.

Since 2012, Leimove has become a professional spacecraft lighting supplier. This desk lamp is made up of German Bayer flame retardant PC fabric materials. The surface technology adopts the national QB1551 coating standard, which is finally determined after hundreds of times of color spray painting. The exclusive packaging materials and power cord production are based on European standards. All sorts of near-paranoid nitpick truly reflect on the craftsmanship production. 

Fourth: no frequency flash without blue light hazard. Currently, LED products most worries blue light hazard. In the industry, the level of blue light hazard of LED product rates from 3 to 5 categories, the factory who can reach 3 level is technically competent, the others who reach 5 level are under high risk. The blue ray of Leimove has reached the safest level of RG0 without hazard and light radiation. Cooperating with top power supply manufacturer solves stroboscopic problems to avoid flicker index reaching 18784Hz which is a level that can not be detected by instrument. While output light damage to the children’s eyes meet the inspection standard. In addition, third gear light effect touch is adopted with automatic adjustment, the first gear is 20% weak light to play game and to fill the light for computer workers; the second gear is 50% mid-range light, which is suitable for writing and reading; the third gear is 100% strong light, which can be used for fine working.

Leimove-Leimove polarized eye protection lamp-4


Mission calls for responsibility, and mission leads the future

At present, the eye protection desk lamp industry is chaotic and the price is disorderly. How Leimove eye protection desk lamp can build its distinctive brand personality, enabling consumers to have a one-on-one association, so that consumers can pay attention to healthy light is a problem that Leimove needs to solve urgently. In the future, will Leimove eye protection lamp be able to complete the transition from the “eye protection specialty light” to the “learning ecosystem”? From the model of brand, will it consider to upgrade from the "eye protection desk lamp" to the "good habit cultivating tool". From the channel model, how to combine online and offline to open all the channels?

As for a single product of a company, it aims to attract the public's attention to healthy light, giving the students in the world real eye-protection desk lamps, and no longer see the figure of children wearing reading glasses full of campus. The vision is indeed very beautiful. We believe that through the joint promotion of Leimove and the industry media, the dream of keeping the students away from light pollution will eventually come true.

Leimove-Leimove polarized eye protection lamp-5

Leimove polarized eye protection lamp acts as a guardian of the window of the soul. Mission calls for responsibility, and mission leads the future, which is the initiative of Leimove focusing on researching and developing this polarized eye protection desk lamp for 3 years of profound accumulation.

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