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Lichuan Guoan Holiday Hotel

Lichuan Guoan Holiday Hotel adopts a series of products from Leimove Lighting to realize the optimal configuration of hotel lighting. The lighting of the Guoan Holiday Lobby uses Leimove COB ceiling light LM8018 GOLD and COB ceiling light LM8017 10W, which not only save energy, but also have more diversified lighting effects, making the hotel lobby more colorful and more attractive to guests.

Lichuan Guoan Holiday Hotel, the first theme hotel in Jiangxi Province built with platinum five-star standards, is another five-star hotel and commercial center invested by Guoan Group in the Haixi Economic Zone.

The hotel has more than 100 sets of various types of guest rooms, including Presidential Suite, Emperor Duplex Suite, Imperial Executive Suite, Royal Suite, Royal Business Room, Royal Standard Room. The rich and elegant European architectural style makes guests feel the unique mystery and elegance of Western classical culture. In addition, the hotel also introduces the unique concept of foreign theme hotel, with its three-in-one function of “conference, vacation and business”, supporting Chinese and Western restaurants, heated swimming pool, foot bath, spa, conference center, business center, beauty A hairdressing center and a luxurious multi-purpose hall that can accommodate nearly a thousand people. Perfecting advanced service facilities, warm and personalized five-star service will make all guests feel honored. The hotel's surroundings are elegant, with Emperor Square, Wuyi Lake, and the City Forest Park. The lake and mountains are unobstructed.

Guoan has created a 1.3-kilometer Guo'an-style commercial street that brings together all kinds of famous brand-name clothing, ceramics, root-carving art and famous products from Taiwan, Japan and Korea to make you enjoy shopping easily and leisurely.