Light Bulb Varieties

by:Leimove     2020-06-05
Nowadays there are so many different forms of lighting. There is certainly a light form for all of your needs in the home. There are also many different kinds of light bulbs. It's amazing what our technology has come up with. Even though most light bulbs are similar, it is important to understand the differences and variations. As our technology improves, so will the lights and the amount of lights that are available. It's essential to keep up with this technology. The five most common lights are: incandescent, halogen, fluorescent, LED, and xenon bulbs. Incandescent: The incandescent light is the bulb that Thomas Edison perfected over a hundred years ago. Incandescent bulbs are popular for the warm color they emit. This century old bulb is still the most commonly used. In fact, this bulb is in about 75 percent of American homes. The major drawback to incandescent bulbs is the lack of energy efficiency. These lights use most of their energy in the form of heat instead of light. That's why it burns your hand when touched. The future lighting industry will be getting away from incandescent bulbs unless they can somehow become more energy efficient. Halogens: are incandescent light bulbs that contain a tungsten element as well as a halogen gas. The benefit of halogen lights is the fact that they are very similar to the brightness and color of incandescent bulbs; however, they are much more energy efficient. They produce a very similar result while saving you more energy and money. LED: LED stands for light-emitting dioxide. LEDs are highly energy efficient and will last for years. The only drawback is a cooler color than the incandescent light. LED technology is improving, and warmer lights are being produced. Fluorescent: Fluorescent lights are valued for their energy efficiency. They are great for under-cabinet lights because they can be installed in a long tube that will extend from end to end. The drawback is the color. Many fluorescent lights provide a cool colored light that is usually not desired. However, thanks to recent technology, warmer fluorescent lights are being created. Xenon: Xenon lights are the last on our list of common lights. Xenon lights are commonly used for under-cabinet lights. They are valued for both their energy efficiency and their durability. There is no 'right' answer for the perfect light for your home. These five variations of light bulbs all have their benefit in one way or the other. Keep in mind that halogen and incandescent bulbs tend to produce the warmest light, while LEDs, fluorescents, and xenon lights are the most energy efficient. The future holds high hopes to energy efficiency. When shopping for lights, if you do the research, you'll get exactly what's right for your home.
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