Light Leather Farming - WoW Cataclysm Guide

by:Leimove     2020-06-05
In World of Warcraft Skinning can be very profitable profession. Especially if you know what sells well in auction house. I have a skinner hunter and I found out that Light Leather farming is a gold mine. The price is very high, so I decided to search for places with high density of mobs which I can skin them and drop me Light Leather. After a while I made a list of places. * A good place to farm light leather (for Alliance) is in the North-east part of Loch Modan. The level 16-17 bears and boars drop 1-2 light leather with some medium leather, but no scraps. Also, the density of the mobs is high, so you don't need to wait for respawn. * If you are Horde, then I recommend Light Leather farming in Barrens. The mobs are weak, there are tons of them, they walk in packs, and you can skin 1-2 light leather pieces from them. The best places for even faster farming in the Barrens are the raptor grounds and the prowler bushes near Ratchet. * There is anoter place in Elwynn Forest. Go to Maclure Farm. Boars here have 0 respawn time. You have as much of a chance to get light leather as you can ruined scraps, but with the rate of boar respawns it hardly matters. You'll also get lots of meat for cooking here. AoE helps for instant kills after pulling multiple boars. Throwing/wands also helps to pull them into a nice pile so you don't have to move as much. Time pulls in between looting/skinning for maximum efficiency. These are my three favorite places for Light Leather farming. I recommend you to go with your highest level skinner (80-85), so you don't waste time killing the mobs. And one more thing: before you go anywhere clear your bags first. That's because for skinning the animals, you need to loot them first. This means you will gather a lot of junk stuff filling your bags. Once I forgot it and it was quite frustrating, don't repeat the same mistake I did. Anyway, Light Leather farming may be one of the ways to earn gold in World of Warcraft. But after I got a copy of Gold Secrets, I found out all the other MUCH more profitable ways to get tons of gold easily. You just need to know the tricks. I warmly recommend it to you. I'm a regular WoW player, constantly searching the ways how to make a lot of gold in small amount of time. But thanks to Gold Secrets I even reached so called gold cap (1 million gold). Light Leather Farming
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