Lost in The Bulb Jungle

by:Leimove     2020-06-03
There are many who yearn after good old days, when buying light bulbs was an easy task to do. There were practically two different bases and a couple of different readings to remember when going to shop. Nowadays there are energy saving lamp bulbs, LED lamps, and halogen lamps, all coming with different setups and readings. Energy efficiency (in Finnish,energiatehokkuus) is the word of the day when purchasing new bulbs. The traditional incandescent light bulb can use only 5 percent of electrical energy to light. Compared to the energy saving bulbs, which can use 80 percent of energy to lighting, the difference is tremendous. Upcoming new bulb types have brought new markings with them. In an old bulb packages, the most important information was the amount of their electric power marked with (W). That nowadays is marked with smaller font size: more important is the information about Lumen, which consumer can find with bigger font size. Lumen means light flow: it indicates the visible light detected by the eye, and the total radiated power of the light bulb. Look for the initials lm, they will reveal the amount of lumen the bulb is able to produce. Sometimes the package will also tell the amount of lux of the bulb. Lux is about the intensity of illumination, that is, how much of a surface is illuminated. Then there might be the information about kelvins (k) the lamp is able to produce: that is about the color temperature of the light. The old incandescent light was about 2700 k, which is very soft light; with fluorescent light it is possible to reach 5000 k and above, when the light temperatures become cold. Another rising trend with energy saving bulbs based on florescent technology is the LED lights. LEDs are technically very different than any other lamps. They are based on electroluminescence effect: a light-emitting diode is switched on, when electrons are able to recombine with electron holes within the device, releasing energy in the form of photons. Previously used as an indicator lights, LEDs are becoming more frequent on general lightning. Lots of new things are happening in the light bulb market, but basically the transition is to more energy efficient and ecologically sustainable lights, which are also better for design and human comprehensive well-being.
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