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Love is just like a ray of light, please choose a reliable eye-protection desk lamp for your children

Love is just like a ray of light, please choose a reliable eye-protection desk lamp for your children



The most missing thing in the world is: Clear eyes and funny souls. A second-year child becomes short-sighted within half a year. He doesn't watch computer, phones but only reads books. Reading books is not a problem, but desk lamp is the key issue. Desk lamp is too bright!

Below 500LM is recommended (incandescent 40W, LED below 7W). Eyes are more afraid of light. Parents who lack the knowledge of light security will become invisible killers.

In fact, in order to provide children with a good learning environment, many parents want to find a good desk lamp for their children, but now they are faced with the problem that when they buy a desk lamp at supermarkets, shopping malls, or online platforms, they will find there are so many “eye-protection lights” that they have no idea which kind of desk lamp is reliable.

Leimove-Love is just like a ray of light

Prices of different types of desk lamps range from RMB 80 to RMB 500 in the mall.

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There are various kinds of desk lamps marked "eye protection", "no strobe-flash"...

What is strobe-flash? - The intensity of light rapidly changes repeatedly over time. strobe-flash is not necessarily caused by changes that has same rules as the pendulum, but irregular changes are more stimulating to the human eye. The brightness of light changes along with frequency fluctuations  Working or studying under the flickering light, the eye will repeatedly self-adjust , leading to eye fatigue.

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Low frequency flicker can cause eye fatigue and psychological irritability. Consumers constantly watch weather the lights flicker through the camera lens of their cells during the process of buying.

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So are these "non-strobe flash eye-protection lights" really as magic as advertised? Of course not! According to the US Department of Energy's scientific experiment: all light sources have different degrees of strobe.

Most of the desk lamps on the market today are unqualified products, and they will cause more or less burden on the eyes of consumers.

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Flashes of lighting often affect people’s working efficiency. When studying the effect of scintillation on people's fatigue, it is found that the mental fatigue caused by scintillation is very small, while the main factor lies in items of working; non-visible scintillation can affect the trajectory of the eyeball and reading, leading to vision loss.

● In addition to strobe-flash, items below should be paid attention to--

strobe-flash is not the only indicator to judge whether a lamp can protect your eyes. When you purchase LED lamps, the following indicators must pay special attention.




Desk lamp used for learning must pass the national mandatory CCC certification.

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Light color

The warm white light with a color temperature of 3000~3300K meets the children's visual needs at this stage; too low color temperature can easily cause fatigue, while high color temperature will cause excessive irritation and risk of injury.

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We generally divide the color temperature of the light source into three categories:

1、 Warm light

The color temperature of warm color light is generally below 3000K, which is similar to incandescent light color with more red light composition It makes people warm and comfortable, but make people tired if used for a long time;


2、 Warm white light

Its color temperature is around 4000K, making people feel happy, comfortable and peaceful.


3、Cold light

Its color temperature is around 5500K ~ 6500K, whose light source is close to natural light. It’s bright enough to make people concentrate.

You’d better understand clearly the concept of color temperature, otherwise you buy a brighter desk lamp, only to find it’s yellow light which makes your drowsy every time you turn on the light.

As for choosing which kind of color temperature, it depends on your own preference. There is no exact definition. Everyone has their own color temperature comfort zone. Some people like warm light, and some like white light. The best way is to go to a professional lighting store to experience your favorite light and record the most comfortable color temperature index for your reading, and choose the right color temperature when buying lights.

However, the color temperature at home shouldn’t fluctuate too much,  because it will damage your eyesight when it change from low to high frequently.


High color rendering index

The color rendering index refers to the degree of color fidelity when the light is illuminated by the light source and the standard light source (generally, the standard light source is sunlight).

The unit of color rendering index is represented by Ra and the maximum value is 100. The higher the value, the better it is .

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The lamp used in homes usually require a color rendering index of more than 80. Therefore, when choosing lamps you should pay attention to the labels on the lamps or luminaries.

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Glare has to be prevented

Glare means that due to unfavorable brightness distribution or extreme brightness contrast in space or time, it is one of the important causes of visual fatigue, which may cause severe disgust, discomfort, or loss of visibility.

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This is a typical glare that everyone has seen, but this is just one of the glare, called direct glare.

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If the light is shaking you by changing direction, it's called reflection glare.

The “no glare” publicized by on the lighting market is actually non-direct glare.

In addition, it must have China's 3C certification, the EU's EN62471 light bio-safety certification, which is the security of lighting.

Then here is the key point. Leimove polarized eye protection desk lamp is the most advanced and practical scientific and technical desk lamp in the world, which fundamentally solves the three key challenges of the desk lamp:

First, light color problem:

We adopt Japan's custom light color chips to maintain saturation and color rendering;

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Second, eye-protection and strobe-flash problem:

Developed in cooperation with the top power supply manufacturers in the industry,  we solve the problem of strobefalsh against flickering injuries to the eyes of children;

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Third, the most critical, special and practical technology:

Developed by Finland's top optical manufacturers, our polarized desk lamp optical technology effectively controls the energy distribution of the light emitted by the chip at the table; it not only avoid the damage of the glare to the eyes but also the unreasonable strong light on the books to stimulate the eyes to dryness and tears; it is also the application of the industry's first professional polarizing optical technology on a desk lamp, so that the light distribution area is not the traditional round spot area under the lamp, but polarized area of the elliptical illumination we have made through professional calculation and analysis, whose illuminance transition is smooth and comfortable!

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Leimove Lighting has accumulated 15 years experienced of security lighting, electrical supply and LIS lighting management system output. We have focused on the healthy lighting of the lamp for 3 years. This lamp is the first attempt of the Leimove’s optical desk lamp which has won three national patents and is certified to national 3C certification and the United States Energy Star certification. It is a healthy polarized eye-protection desk lamp that is truly free of stroboscopic and blue light, so it is the best choice for parents to choose eye protection desk lamps for their children.

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