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Many LED Bulbs for Sale, How to Choose the Best LED Bulb for Car Headlamps?

Many LED Bulbs for Sale, How to Choose the Best LED Bulb for Car Headlamps?


Automotive manufacturers have used LEDs (light-emitting diodes) for the headlamps and this utilization has become more widespread. According to Consumer Reports, 55% of cars produced in 2018 use LED bulbs and the number has become 86% in 2019. However, it is not a wonder. The LED bulb is more long-lasting and energy-efficient than other lamps. Applying LED bulbs can be a potentially cost-effective way for long-term car users. With the popularity of LED bulbs in automotive applications, there are more and more LED bulbs in diverse styles, performances, etc. available for all kinds of cars. How do you choose the best ones among LED bulbs for sale? Here are some tips for you to help you make better choices.

The Brightness of LED Bulb

Lumen is the measurement that is used to evaluate the brightness of light bulbs. Generally, higher lumen means higher brightness. You may find it enlightening to learn that the bright LED bulb can heighten visibility on the road by more than 50%. Along with increased safety benefits, bright lights also give the look of luxury vehicles with expensive upgraded lighting options. However, brighter bulbs tend to cost more. And it is important to pay attention to how many lumens the bulb uses for actual light. A lot of companies say their products have high lumens. Let’s see what is true. They often put a set of lumens as a light bulb. For example, 8000 lumens is for a set (1 pair). Why do they say like this? Because a lot of customers pay attention to lumen only. When you choose among LED bulbs for sale, you'd better ask the supplier to show you the testing reports where all parameters are stated clearly.

The Color Temperature of LED Bulb

Kelvin is used to measure the color of light produced by a LED bulb. In fact, it measures the temperature of the light. This is based on the principle that any object will emit light if it is heated to a high enough temperature and the color of that light will shift in a predictable manner as the temperature is increased. Warm white is usually used in the temperature range of 2500 to 4000 K, while cold white is used in the range of 5000 to 8000 K. Automotive headlights tend to use cool white light of the range of 5500 to 6500 K. The 6000K is the most suitable for human to see things clearly. However, in rainy or foggy weather, 4300K or 3000K is best for drivers to see farther clearly.


The Heat Dispersion of LED Bulb

The LED (light-emitting diode) is a kind of semiconductor. It is designed to produce more light at lower temperatures than at higher temperatures. Clearly, the temperature has a large impact on the performance of LED bulbs. To maintain the continuous light output required by the headlights, LED bulbs with excellent heat dissipation performance should be utilized. In addition, this kind of high-performance LED bulb can make a great contribution to the long service life of car headlamps in case of their being shut off instantly. Hence, the heat dissipation performance should be into consideration when choosing LED bulbs for automotive applications.

The Lifespan & Installation of LED Bulb

The life of LED bulbs is also an important consideration. The longer the life of the LED bulb, the longer the life of the car headlamps. This saves the cost of frequent replacement and repairs. In addition, you must also consider whether the LED bulbs you choose are convenient for installation. Easy-to-install LED bulbs can save a lot of trouble and are the popular choices for car owners. This means that kind of LED bulbs would make your business easier.

The Stability of LED Bulb

Regarding the stability of LED bulbs, you can measure them in terms of shock resistance and water resistance. Shock-resistant LED bulbs are built with good materials and scientific design, which contributes to reduce the vibration frequency and achieve dampening function. Collisions are inevitable during driving. In the event of a car collision, some bulbs with poor shock resistance will flash or even stop working, which will greatly affect driving experience and safety. Therefore, LED bulbs with excellent shock resistance are better for automotive applications. In addition, the waterproof performance of the bulb is also very important. The IP rating is the main indicator for testing the waterproof rating of LED bulbs for sale. The higher the waterproof rating, the less worry drivers take.

The Adaptability of LED Bulb

The above points are all considered from the characteristics and performance of LED bulbs. But even if the bulb has even better performance, it doesn't help when it doesn't adapt to cars. Even worse, LED bulbs’ incompatibility will cause a lot of problems. For example, CANBUS communication problems are usually caused by the incompatibility between LED bulbs and the vehicle computer system. So, last but not least, choose LED bulbs that fit better with cars.

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