Market Management of led lamps

by:Leimove     2020-04-03
At present, the competition in all walks of life is fierce, and the LED tube lamp market is the same. How can we do our business better and better? We must be calm, able to withstand loneliness and pressure. 1: cost cycle: the less business, the more willing. Don't go into the business, the more cost-effective, even the LED lights are reluctant to open. Not to mention air conditioning. The more you don't turn on the light, the store will go to the 'black shop', the more there is no business. The more you don't turn on the air conditioner, the worse the environment is, the more reluctant customers are to come in, and the more reluctant they are to stay. The worse the natural business, the vicious circle of cost savings. 【Recommendation] When the business is bad, the more you have to increase the cost, the lamps are fully open, the air conditioners are also open, and the promotional activities are more. Free small gifts to send more. 2. Commodity circle: the more there is no business, the more dare to load goods. Don't go into a vicious circle where there is no business, the less goods, the less goods, the less business until the final bankruptcy. 【Recommendation] When there is no business, we set the gross profit margin to a low point, and the tally is hard, because the goods must be well controlled, often exchanged, and one batch will be exchanged for one batch. Accelerate the circulation of goods in a changing situation. The goods in the store remain fresh, full and complete. 3. Strange mentality: the less business there is, the worse the boss's temper is. The more straight he looks, the easier it is to lose his temper. The more the boss is, the less energetic the employees are. The more the store is dead. The less business there is, the more lazy the employees are, the less willing they are to move. The more likely you are to be opportunistic and play with small tricks. The more employees, the more customers are naturally reluctant to come in. This has entered a vicious circle of mentality. Remember, as long as we do a good job in commodities, build a good team, do a good job in services, do a good job in details, establish a good attitude of positive energy, and learn to stick to it! In this case, the business will slowly get better. Life great wisdom is willing to give up no have! I know that when there is no business, there are not many people who can do this. Just because there are not many people, just because most people are not willing to give up, so there will always be only 20% successful people, because successful people know inverse thinking, successful people know how to give up, successful people know how to persist, successful people firmly believe that everything is impossible and are willing to explore. 4: personnel circle: the more there is no business, the more reluctant to hire people, the more eager to expel people. In order to achieve cost control, the more you do this, the less popular the store is, the empty the store is, and the less willing the customers are to come in. Even if the customer enters the store, no one will serve the customer, thus entering the vicious circle of people. 【Recommendation] The more there is no business, the more you have to hire people, the more you have to drive popularity. The more you want to let the people in the store drive the popularity, thus changing the feng shui. If you don't have a business, you will build a team.
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