Maximize Your Savings With The LED Fluorescent Tubes

by:Leimove     2020-06-03
The consumer market will be full of thousands of LED Fluorescent lighting products currently. These devices are doubtlessly providing good performance to the users but they are not an energy efficient solution. The worst thing about them is that they contain a mercury tube in these which produce small amount of mercury vapors. As mercury is a toxic material, they can produce problems for you. This not only serves to be a health risk in case the tube is broken but can also result in accumulating landfills and cause further pollution. The usage of LED Fluorescent Tubes and Lamps excites mercury vapors due to electricity and the regulation of the electric current causes this mercury to turn in to an even dangerous form. As a result, Ultra Violet light is generated which causes damage to the environment and the people who are around the room. Everyone would be aware of the fact that Ultra Violet can cause serious damage to skin. The most recent developments that have been seen in the Surface Mount Diode LED technology have resulted in creating LED Fluorescent Tubes that allow a great lighting experience. These LED fluorescent tubes that are being used in the lightning purpose are really very much efficient. These tubes use small chips made of conducting materials which release light when current is provided to them. There are no filaments and they have the ability to produce 25 percent more light per watt than the normal bulbs. They contain no filaments and can produce up to 25 times more light per watt than conventional light bulbs. The energy used by these LED tubes is quiet good in consuming energy and the energy consumed by them is quite low as compared to other types of lighting bulbs or tubes. They are having a great life expectancy and are having a very long life time compared to other types of lights. They don't have any health hazards as they don't produce any kind of toxic that are dangerous. The material used for making these tubes is polycarbonate and the material is more robust and durable compared to glass which ensures that accidents don't happen. The LED technology is definitely more expensive than all the previous types of technologies but is of great value when you talk about its performance. The life time of this type of LED Tube is 10 times greater than other types of lightning tubes and bulbs. Theses fluorescent tubes utilized 65 percent less energy which makes them a favorite choice for all users. The reason behind this is that the light is made from polycarbonate diffusing material which has narrow focusing strength. Apart from this drawback, there are different features that a user is just going to love. The way this LED tube works is great and people are really happy with the way they have been illuminating their homes and cars. They are even using these tubes to create some decorations in their home or to illuminate their house with colored LEDs for special occasions.
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