Methods and Materials for prolonging the service life of LED fluorescent tubes

by:Leimove     2020-04-05
The methods and materials adopted to prolong the service life of LED fluorescent tubes the high price of LED fluorescent tubes is an obstacle to popularization. The price factor determines the cost performance. Can the advantages and prices of lamps be accepted by the public, it is one of the important factors that affect LED fluorescent tubes to replace traditional lamps. The actual heat dissipation design is very simple, holding two directions: 1. The shorter the path between LED chip and external radiator, the better, the shorter your heat dissipation design will be better; 2, heat dissipation resistance, that is, there must be enough heat dissipation to the path and there must be enough 'heat dissipation road '. This part of the cost is mainly in the structure, and the cost for heat dissipation is not much. With the increase of technology and quantity, LED chips will adopt a larger wafer manufacturing process, which will continuously reduce the cost. In recent years, the rate of reduction is 20% per year. In the price factor of LED chips, the improvement of light efficiency should also be included in the price reduction, and better products are purchased at the same price. The proportion of LED chips accounting for 15% is still very reasonable and will continue to be maintained at this level in the future. LED packaging costs account for a considerable proportion of the price, about 50%, we must choose a more appropriate LED packaging structure. The existing packages of Cree, Lumileds and OSRAM do not meet the design needs of lamps, and the design cost will remain high. Bold and innovative design is the way out for product design. Most of us still use the thinking of copying the packaging structure of large companies, with too little innovation and insufficient confidence in our own innovation. COB is the mainstream design method of lamps in the future. COB is packaged according to the optical requirements of lamps, while reducing the cost of secondary optical design. The packaging cost is 20-of the total cost of lamps and lanterns-30% is more reasonable. The actual cost of LED chip is only 15%, and other costs mainly come from packaging, heat dissipation, structural cost and power supply. From the perspective of cost composition, reducing the cost of lamps is in the manufacturing process, and simply requiring LED chips to be reduced does not play a big role. The manufacture of lamps and lanterns requires reasonable overall price, reasonable planning and comprehensiveness. It does not play a big role in simply requiring a certain part to be cheap, but the overall structure of lamps and lanterns designed by us is economical and is the most important for optimization. The heat dissipation cost should be maintained at 20%, 20% of which is considered reasonable. The biggest problem is how to be more innovative and more reasonable in design. Structural design is probably the weakest link in LED fluorescent tubes, which lags behind the development of LED fluorescent tubes and needs to be improved in quality. At present, the design accounts for about 20% of the cost of LED fluorescent tubes, which is somewhat high. With the development of technology, the power supply is about 5-10% is the most reasonable.
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