Minka Lavery Lighting Manufactures Light Fixtures

by:Leimove     2020-06-02
Minka Lavery is part of the Minka Group of companies. They manufacture lighting for the home. They create a complete line of lighting for both indoors and outdoors. They have complete families of lighting so you can easily match all the rooms in your home with just one line of products. For the 2010 model year the following fixtures are available: Chandeliers, Pendants, Mini-pendants, Kitchen Lighting, Ceiling Fixtures, Table Lamps, Floor Lamps, Wall Sconces, Bathroom Lighting, Outdoor Lighting. For the 2010 model year the following family collections are available: Abby Lane, Aberdeen, Acquisitions, Aegean, Agilis, Alexandria, Alfresco, All Purpose, Amarante, Amherest, Annapolis, Archtype, Ardmore, Ardomre, Arlington, Artois, Asbury Park, Aspen, Aspen II, Aston, Aston Court, Auburn, Aurora, Avalon, Bacus, Ballantrae, Barcelona, Bath Art, Bath Bar, Bathroom Bar, Bay Hill, Bay View, Beacon Rhodes, Belcaro, Bellasera, Benson, Bergere, Berkeley, Berkshire, Black Bath, Boca Raton, Bordeux, Bound Basics, Bridgeport, Bronze Bath, Buckingham , Burwick, Cabella, Calavera, Cambridge, Camden, Cannes, Cantura, Capolona, Caspian, Castle Ridge, Century, Chatham, Chelesa Road, Chrome Bath, Concord, Contemporary Pendant, Corbel, Cortina, Country Ranch, Covington Manor, Cranston, Dakota, Danbury, Del Ray, Del Rey, Delancy, Delano, Delmar, Delphi, Destinations, Disney, Easton, Espri, Estate Collection, Europa, Florentine, Folio 21, Fontainebleau, Foyer Pendant, Glen Allen, Grafton Road, Hamilton, Hancock, Harrison, Haven, Haverford, Helicon, Heron Bay, Iconic, Idlewild, Illuminati, Imprezza, Insignia, Jessica McClintock, Kent Place, Kirkham, Lafayette, Lander Heights, Laurel, Laurel Canyon, Lauren, Lexington Park, Lineage, Lugarno Square, Lumiere De Ville, Lyric, Maillot, Mallorca, Manchester, Marche, Marietta, Martime, Merridian, Merrimack, Mini Chandeliers, Mirador, Mission Bay, Mission Inn, Mission Ridge, Montalbo, Montanero, Montellero, Morgan Park, Morneau, Mossoro, Nantucket, Naples, New Haven, New Traditions, Newport Classical, Newport PL, Northampton, Notting Hill, Nouveau, Novelle, Old Sturbridge, Omni, One Glass Shade, Oxford, Pacifica, Paintable Ceramic, Paradox, Pendants, Phoenix, Piastrella, Porto Luz, Princeton, Prismatic Pendant, Provence, Radien, Raiden, Regent, Richelieu, Rod Drop, Rod Drop Pendant, Rod-Drop Pendant, Royal York, Sage Ridge, Saldia, Salem, Salon Grand, San Miguel, Saturna, Savoy, Scene One, Scottsdale, Segovia, Silhouette, Sole Bello, Spanish Vista, St. Lawrence, Stratford Hall, Stratus, Sunrise, Sunset Ranch, Tangiers, Taylor, Taylor Court, Telford, Terracita, Tesoro, Tiburon, Tofino, Touvella, Townsend, Treville, Turnbridge, Valenza, Vanira Place, Vanity Lighting, Ventura, Veranda, Versa, Villa Escala, Villa Soliel, Virginian, Visage, Vival, Volterra, Wall Scoce, Wall Sconce, Wellington, Wexford, Wickford Bay, Wilmington, Woodward, Wyndmere, Zen For the 2010 model year the following finishes are available: Belcaro Walnut, Aged Iron, Aged Whitewash, Alabaster Dust, Amarante Gold, Ancient Ivory, Ancient Stone, Antigua, Antique Auburn, Antique Brass, Antique Bronze, Antique Iron, Antique Nickel, Antique Pecan, Antique Pewter, Antique Sable, Artist Bronze, Aspen Bronze, Aston Court Bronze, Aston Patina, Bacus Aged Silver, Bahama Beige, Baystone, Belcaro Walnut, Bello Bronze, Black, Black, Wrought Iron, Brass & Chrome, Brown Leather, Brushed Nickel, Brushed Steel, Cabella Patina, Cambridge Bronze, Castello Gold, Castlewood Walnut, Chelesa Bronze, Chrome, Classic Brass, Cognac Patina, Collectors Bronze, Copper Verde, Corona Bronze, Coronado, Desert Patina, Dorian Bronze, Dura Brass, Durabrass, Excavation Glass, Florence Patina, Florentine Bronze, Forged Bronze, Forged Silver, French Bronze, Frosted, Galvanized Steel, Golden Bronze, Heritage, Heritage/Silver, Ice Piastra, Illuminati Bronze, Imperial Silver, Iron Oxide, Lathan Bronze, Matt Gold, Mediterranean Iron, Mocha, Mossoro Walnut, Mossoro Walnut/Silve, Multi, Noble Bronze, Nouveau Bronze, Nutmeg, Oil Rubbed Bronze, Oxide Bronze, Oxide Bronze, Parchment, Pearl Pewter, Platinum, Polished Brass, Polished Solid Brass, Primer, Prussian Gold, PVD Platinum, Quarry, Ravello Bronze, Regency Gilded Gold, Restoration Bronze, Roman Bronze, Roman Bronze, Rust, Rustic Bronze, Rustic Copper, Sable Bronze Patina, Sandalwood, Satin Brass, Satin Nickel, Silver, Solid Brass, Spanish Crackle, Spanish Iron, Stainless Steel, Sterling French Silk, Stripe Amber Piastra, Summerstone, Tangiers, Taylor Bronze, Textured Black, Textured Moonshine, Textured Sienna Wash, Textured White, Tofino Bronze, Translucent Ceramic, Tuscan Patina, Venetian Bronze, Venetian Rust, Vintage Patina Brass, Vintage Rust, Visage Crackle, Volterra Bronze, Westport Silver, White, White Ceramic, White Opal Piastra, White/Chrome, Windsor Bronze, Windsor Rust For the 2010 model year the following styles are available: Art Deco, Asian, Casual, Childrens, Contemporary, Country, Craftsman, Crystal, Nautical, Old World, Rustic, Tiffany, Traditional, Transitional, Victorian, Williamsburg, Wrought Iron Minka Lavery Lighting is available from Lamps-Lighting.com at lowest possible prices.
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