Nanjing to Build a World-Class Industrial Base

by:Leimove     2020-06-02
Recently, the total investment of 25.2 billion of the 10 major projects in Nanjing, Jiangsu Province, began to focus on LCD Valley. Ministry of Information Industry as the first batch of the original name of 'national display Industrial Park', and the Jiangsu provincial government named 'the electronic information industry base in Jiangsu Province', the Nanjing Economic and Technological Development Zone, gather a group of high technological content and innovation, independent research and development strong optical display business. Optoelectronic display as the first pillar industry development zone, has been initially formed as the main LCD to display the new direction of the LED and solar energy to supplement the industry pattern. High-generation panel to revive 'Panda' dream 'Higher electricity generation panel is the panda's future vitality and competitiveness of the host, the CLP will cooperate with Nanjing, with higher generation panel projects to promote and realize the dream of reviving the panda.' Information Industry Group Chairman of CLP Power, said Xiong group, with local brands in the power of blood into the Nanjing Panda first LCD Valley, and the construction of a television with high-generation LCD panel production line, has been formally put into production in March. This LCD panel production line, imported line of Sharp's 10th generation key technologies - ultraviolet vertical alignment technology. The technology industry has a 'next generation of LCD TV technology' in the title, using the technology to produce LCD panels for high-end LCD TV, in contrast, response speed has greatly improved, while energy consumption is greatly reduced, is the most popular low-carbon products. Therefore, this production line is the industry that the electronic information industry in Nanjing to upgrade the engine. CLP Panda Valley built not only in the high-end LCD LCD panel production line, is also actively involved in technology development and innovation were. October 2010, CLP Panda LCD R & D center was founded, the company already has 98 invention patents, utility model patents 25. Circular economy to achieve low-power low-emission With six generations of CLP Panda LCD panel production line officially put into operation, the development zone to TFT-LCD panels, modules and machine manufacturing the main line of optical display industry chain has been formed. This established a number of elite corporate chain while playing the role of industrial clustering, on the other hand built development of circular economy development zone idea. To focus on the development of liquid crystal display Zone chain, for example, has formed a 'material components - LCD panel - LCD Module - LCD end product' of a complete industrial chain. Each link has a number of enterprises in the industrial chain of mobile resources to achieve efficiency and recycling. Economic activities, the formation of a 'resources - products - renewable resources,' the feedback process, to achieve the industrial development of low consumption, low emissions. 2010, the zone started to build solid waste external LCD panel production platform in order to effectively recover the available resources to achieve solid waste 'reduction, resource recovery, harmless.' Elongated chain of new display items On one hand, liquid crystal display LCD Valley maintain a leading position, but it is also on the new display with open arms. Valley is the development zone in Nanjing to the new liquid crystal display industry to upgrade the core of optical carrier, the focus on liquid crystal display industry and expand the professional investment, constantly filled, extend the industrial chain, have been the introduction of LCD modules, bulk gases, LED chips, e-logistics and other projects. Laser display items of concern - Laser Technology Co., Ltd. Nanjing Evergreen Valley last year, settled on the LCD, it addresses the green laser display chip problems of the world, the production of laser display chip efficiency is much higher than the market product. It is understood that LED lighting is two years of research, Dr. returnees innovation, and now settled in Crystal Valley, mass production next year. These products will lead the fourth generation in the lighting industry, the industrial revolution. LED lighting will be more close to the incandescent light quality, high efficiency, while the product itself is light, does not require external shade, cooling devices, energy saving. In addition, the nation's largest clean energy and new energy manufacturing companies - Hina Group, an annual 1.25GW thin-film solar investment projects, investment by Taiwan's annual Han Yu 50MW energy concentrating solar projects have been settled in the zone. Nanjing Economic and Technological Development Zone official said that in 2015 and strive to realize the optical display industry industrial output value of 250 billion yuan to build a world-class optical display industry base.
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