Nipple Cover: Shedding Light on those Headlights

by:Leimove     2020-06-01
You're all set for a great day at the office, aren't you? You're wearing a sexy yet professional outfit with the shoes to match. People stare as you rush in your daily commute. Must be because you're so hot, you tell yourself. Heads turn as you walk by at the office. Over after work drinks; a guy comes over and starts whispering to you. Perfect day, right? He whispers, 'Gee, must be cold out. Your headlights are turned on; full blast.' That's when your wonderful day starts crashing down on you. You were walking around with your nipples poking through your top. Going about with your 'headlights' on can be damaging on two fronts. First, it wrecks a carefully assembled outfit and your confidence. Also, it can compromise your professional life. From this perspective, there are just some days when those headlights should be turned off. There are a number of ways to cover up those nipples. There are a variety of products readily available online to help you. Today, we will explore popular disposable nipple covers. Disposable nipple covers come in many shapes, textures and material. nippits are one of most popular nipple covers on the planet. It has even become a staple of Hollywood sets. Nippits nipple covers are hypo-allergenic latex-free strips which are effective under tight or sheer clothing. It can even be worn under swimwear! However, there are downsides to this product. The downside: Nippits nipple covers may not be as effective if you reposition them. Once you stick them on, you really do have to stick with them. Petal shaped disposable nipple covers are also very popular. The petal shaped nipple covers from are made from Nylon Tricot and are breathable as well as non-abrasive. These are a must for a smooth look. Petal shaped nipple covers molds to your shape. Another popular petal shaped nipple cover comes from Fashion Forms. These are also made of Nylon Tricot and are hypo allergenic. Both of these petal shaped nipple covers come in nude. Braza, on the other hand has produced petal shaped nipple covers that come in beige, cocoa and light pink. When wearing really sheer clothing, this blends well with your skin tone. Petal shaped nipple covers work well because the petals actually keep the nipple covers perfectly molded onto your breasts. But this is not for everyone. Women with sensitive skin should do a patch test 24 hours before using the product. Certain skin types react differently to adhesives. We've already discussed the Petal shaped disposable nipple covers. But those aren't the only ones available. Braza also offers Heart shaped disposable nipple covers in beige and light pink. While Fashion Forms offer the nipple covers in heart, butterfly and rose shapes. On one hand, No-shows Nipple Covers (also available on are padless adhesive nipple covers in nude. What makes them different from the rest of the nipple covers available online is their shape. These nipple covers are round (2 and inches in diameter) and are also disposable. These can be ideal for women whom are self conscious about their areoles.
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