Omnilux New-U - Facts About Photo Therapeutics

by:Leimove     2020-06-01
Omnilux New-U is the red and infrared LED light therapy device by Photo Therapeutics. Also called photo rejuvenation, LED light therapy as the name suggests uses Light Emitting Diodes as a skin care treatment, now proven to reduce signs of aging. This technology was formerly only available from dermatologists and other skin professionals but now, devices such as the Omnilux New-U are smaller versions you can use at home. It still has a large head, which allows for a wider treatment area, compared to some of its competitors such as the Baby Quasar. This will save you some time because home devices can only treat the surface their head can cover. This is a good alternative to the large LED panels machines used by your dermatologist or spa, which provide a full face treatment by civering all the surface. Clinical studies have demonstrated that signs of aging such as fine lines and wrinkles in the lips corners and periorbital area can be significantly reduced with LEDs. The appearance of fine lines and wrinkles is reduced by the stimulation of collagen production, triggered by absorbsion of light by the skin. 7 out of 10 subjetcs have seen their wrinkles reduced, and skin tone improved. Photo rejuvenation is also used for other skin problems: acne, redness, sun damaged skin, hyperpigmentation and more. The process also improves circulation and helps skin cells renewal, this is only your natural body repair system at work. Your skin tone and clarity will improve by a regular use of Omnilux New-U. It can not be eaqier to use it, just push the start button and let the light on your skin do the job. Red diodes as well as infrared diodes are inside the head of the device. The combination of both red and infrared light therapy is very effective in penetrating the body at different depth and to encourage your body to repair itself. Another skin care light therapy device by Photo Therapeutics dedicated to adress acne is the Omnilux Clear-U. This one emits both red and blue lights. Blue and red light therapy can be used in conjunction to treat acne, blue light to kill the bacteria and red light to help skin to heal. If you considered a professional treatment but found the price quite prohibitive then owning a home LED light therapy device such as the Omnilux New-U could really be a solution to keep in mind. You don't need to go out and find a skin clinic and can safely reverse signs of aging from home.
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