On How to Reasonably Apply to Lighting Design

by:Leimove     2020-07-19
Wide application of LED lighting, the major lighting project to see its shadow. However, as substantially in use, problems surfaced. How to use LED, issues of concern to the industry. New LED lighting industry, especially on large lighting project in the Chinese market has been greatly promoted. Beijing Olympic Games, Shanghai World Expo, Guangzhou Asian Games, large-scale event held adjacent to the domestic, LED the gorgeous glory was fresh. LED bulls on the urban landscape landscape, more and more engineering companies and enterprises are using LED. Urban landscape being lit, however, problems ensue: LED lamps light efficiency and uneven tawdry, glare, lighting effects, such as pollution of various and very different from the expected result, many owners unprepared: this is not my LED! From many failed cases, analysis of future lighting design Studio designers, Shuai Wang in Shenzhen: the LED is lighting a two-edged sword, to make the LED work, scientific and reasonable lighting design is the key: First of all, not all lights must be LED China 1950 LED companies, such as Philips, OSRAM lighting giant chip technology in the upper limit, domestic manufacturers LED a late production process. Price expensive imported LED chips, autonomous local manufacturers produce chips and mixed, lead to LED lamps on the market there is a lot of hidden quality.In addition to quality problems, LED with developed industry standards, control all sorts of different ways. Many products using its own brand of control protocols, resulting in compatibility is not good. Although most of the products are compatible with DMX512 control protocol, but for large-area, high power LED lighting control, implementation is still easy enough. Differences of production process, leading to the same brand models, products made by the same production line, the same batch difference may occur than traditional lamps, LED this phenomenon have a higher probability of. Designers must consider whether must be LED, not blind pursuit of new technology, and avoid its shortcomings, has proved, in some places using the traditional lamps and more stable and reliable. LED local must be used, choose suitable products according to the actual situation, at the same time considering product performance, working environment, and other factors. Second, reasonable design and color, dynamic lighting. Now take to the streets, many buildings were dynamic LED armed 'ramp', the pursuit of dazzling dazzling effects, lots of lighting project features is beyond the scope of lighting, excessively complex and colorful light does not make it a landmark at night, instead of increasing the city's 'light pollution'.As the industry is good at creating 'noble landmark' building specialized households, see reply for this type of phenomenon is just: I LED not to cause trouble on the line. He said that LED are single-wavelength light source may issue any wavelength of light, the different colors of light, can be more than one light source color mixing, effect on landscaping than traditional lamps win a chip. Regulation and LED easily to achieve value, typically, 8-level dimming, frequent switching, dimming does not affect the service life. Traditional light sources are difficult to achieve, even if the implementation can also affect life expectancy. So whenever it comes to Visual effects, designers like to use LED lighting, showing the characteristic, massive dynamic lighting enabled, fear not the lights reach splash in the ocean, lights, fancy, eye-catching effect.Often, good lighting project needs not only a Visual aesthetic, but also to highlight architectural culture connotation. Depending on the project type, the space environment, and other factors considered, designers should be used with caution color, dynamic lighting effects, monochrome, sometimes a static lighting effect but more a sense of scale. Be sure to color effects, dynamic lighting, you should space with texture and color to choose appropriate lighting colors, avoid turns all colors for practice. Dynamic change and combining, not just fast, high frequency change effects, soft change as much as possible, avoid prolonged viewing of Visual fatigue. Colorful high profile may not be the best, low key but it is absolutely gorgeous, Tokyo Ginza flagship Chanel store lighting design is a good example. Ginza, designers realized that building a House than a lighter, 'lighter' clearly does not meet the Chanel luxury stable brand image. So they decided to use ' all bright I Dim ' idea, rejecting LED bright colors, black and white two colors only. Into the night, LED will create the classic Chanel double c pattern, Chanel, classic lines, and new ideas. In the eyes of tourists, Ginza is very bright, but it is very dark in the building; building is the city glitz, this building is a classic of the gentle. Once again, master LED performance will be more energy efficient and durableLED light efficiency of up to 100,000 hours in theory, traditional light sources are typically not more than 10,000 hours, traditional cumulative renovating to compete with LED lamps, and the low-power LED on each power does not exceed 0.1W. So, even with the expensive price, many owners choose to use LED lights. In fact, mastered the physical characteristics of LED, not only can enjoy their long life, but you also save power, performance and more stability. In all previous cases, future lighting for every customer-tailored suite of professional lighting systems, night scene in perfect effect at the same time, later maintenance, monitoring and control procedures are no longer cumbersome. Design, professional team will be on the basis of future lighting light fades, color of the light source and lighting accessories, and other factors, for a long time considered reserved. The lamps for lighting effects for example, 30W, 40W lamps could be considered, and dimming control to low brightness adjusted, when the lamp light fades and then transferred to the normal brightness. On the selection of lighting, lighting also carefully mix for customers in the future, and strive for perfection.In this age where rivalries, building the body across the LED is not a status symbol. LED is a concentration of seed science and technology content, by designer's cool ideas, careful cultivation, the flowers to bloom out of the arts and culture. LED strip led spot lights led flood light fixtures
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