Origin and application of led Downlight

by:Leimove     2020-04-01
Led Downlight is one of the conventional lamps belonging to indoor lighting. Its installation method is mosaic type. The ceiling is perforated. The led lamp is locked between the lamp shell and the ceiling by two or more buckles, the installation method is extremely simple. Our common places include shopping malls, offices, corridors, living rooms, living rooms, etc. Led Downlight is a new type of led Downlight developed and designed on the basis of the original traditional downlight and improved according to the modern decoration style. Its advantages are far higher than those of the traditional downlight, the most obvious of which is the heat generated, the heat generated by the traditional down lamp is very large, and the temperature with high power can reach more than 120 degrees. The heat generated by our traditional down lamp will be about 30 degrees, and the maximum power heat will be controlled below 55 degrees, as we all know, high temperature will accelerate the aging of all raw materials. The lower the temperature, the longer the service life. In addition, led chips are cold light sources, solid and have good seismic performance, therefore, the design life of led products in the whole series is over 50 thousand hours. Shenzhen Raymond is a professional manufacturer of led lamps. led downlights are also one of our main products. They have stable performance and unique appearance. Many engineering companies are very fond of our products, of course, it is easy to promote.
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