Focusing on healthy lighting for 17 years

Independent innovation advantages

As a national China Commodity Barcode System Member Unit, high-tech enterprise and spacecraft space warehouse lighting supplier, Leimove has our own LED polarized eye-protection desk lamp, LED lighting and other products with a completely independent intellectual property right. In addition, our developed electrical products also have won the top medals of European industrial design. Since established, we have obtained a number of invention patents, including design patent and utility models patents. With many years of researching, developing and manufacturing, Leimove has formed a complete practical solution to promote our cooperative relationships with customers.

Brand advantage: precise positioning, a lot of praises

As one of the top 100 enterprises in the lamp capital, and the top 10 brands in the industry, Leimove has been focusing on the healthy lighting for 17 years and taking the two associated fields of lighting and electrical industry as the core business. With our precise strategic positioning and excellent execution efficiency, Leimove has sustained a high-speed growth.


Focusing on security electricity for 17 years.

Product advantages: high quantity, high quality and reliability

In the lighting filed, Leimove has the best electricians. In the electrician field, we have the best commercial pilot license. In the home improvement field, Leimove’s products are the most complete. And the prospects are bright! The overall characteristics of our products are durability, personality, and multiple selectivities.

Price advantage: high-end quality, mid-price

Since the establishment, Leimove has been always adhering to the strategic goal of “leading the industry by quality” and providing customers with first-class products and services.


Focusing on security electricity for 17 years.

Terminal advantages: modular construction, unified image

Leimove’s merchants join is developed mainly based on specialty stores. In this way, it has implemented a unified store model and image, unified operation, and unified service to ensure the greatest success of the partners’ investment.

Marketing Network: spread all over the country

Leimove Lighting's collaborators have now reached over a hundred and there are tens of thousands of sales outlets now. Leimove Lighting in China is covering all directions and benefiting millions of households.


17 years of experience in the lighting industry

Future Development: promising prospects

Leimove Lighting's electrical products are in a golden period of rapid development in China. There is great space for development with good prospects. With our market orientation being closer to the domestic mainstream, Leimove is favored by the market with excellent quality, perfect service, and moderate price, and has increasingly become the gold brand among consumers.

Service advantages: necessary training, comprehensive service

The headquarters is responsible for helping franchisees provide marketing management guidance. We will send the marketing staff to visit the factory on a regular basis and offer guidance. A comprehensive after-sales service manual will promptly address and resolve issues that are emerged during the process of cooperation or for satisfying the needs of partners.

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