Outdoor Led Flood Light Fixtures Industry in The

by:Leimove     2020-06-01
LED industry development prospects is vast. China in 2010 output value scale LED for 126 billion yuan, in 2011 is expected to rise by 50% to 180 billion yuan, the LED industry investment scale will reach 65 billion yuan. LED the development of the industry in our country has been valued by the industry, as early as in June 2003, it has established the national semiconductor lighting project coordination leadership team, launched national semiconductor lighting project plan. The plan aims to support key technology industrialization and original technology innovation, through the demonstration engineering and application promotion pull, support and cultivate a group of high-tech companies, for China semiconductor lighting industry to create the good development environment, the Chinese semiconductor lighting industry development has become the international competitiveness of emerging high-tech industry in 2004, and the development of Shanghai, xiamen, dalian, shenzhen and nanchang five semiconductor industry base, support the development of LED lighting industry. Around LED, many governments put forward preferential policy, for the market opportunities. To foshan, for example. Foshan nanhai puts forward dial 2 billion LED industry special support fund, want to in 3 years LED to fight a pillar industry, the output value of 30 billion-50 billion. Foshan city of meditation is the LED industry development chancheng district planning (2011-2015) ', put forward by 2015 to the zen city construction become the largest LED lighting production base, application base. Compared to foshan, jiangmen and dongguan, enthusiasm to invest in high. According to LED, the two are issued a similar policy support and more efforts, including jiangmen every year is 150 million yuan, the dongguan every year for $500 million. In guangdong actively expand LED market space in the at the same time, other provinces will not want to be in this a market miss the good opportunity. Jiangxi province issued a '10 big strategic new industry of jiangxi province (semiconductor lighting) development planning', hefei introduced the hefei 1025 LED industry planning ', nanchang, come on stage 'LED from nanchang city planning'. To cap it all, not only guangdong, the Denver nuggets LED the tide of is throughout the emerging. At the same time, the finance ministry and the development and reform commission issued jointly by the efficient lighting product promotion financial allowance money management interim measures. Regulations: urban and rural residents use each user only efficient lighting products, the central government will supply the agreement according to the price of the give subsidies to 50%, for the bulk of each user only efficient lighting products, the central government will give 30% subsidies. The relevant departments expected, the 'eleventh five-year plan' period, China through the financial subsidy way will promote efficient lighting products only one point five one hundred million. This shows, along with the country the energy saving and environmental protection highly, and the policy support, LED lighting industry will have a very good development prospect.
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