Panasonic air system central air conditioning

by:Leimove     2020-07-18
HC intelligent home network Ever-changing technology in our lives will become more comfortable, fast, home appliances in the context of this era are also constantly upgrading their skills. Recently, Panasonic introduced the legendary Jing Qiao type home central air conditioning, the model uses the unique 'SMART smart air system', the home space, health and comfort levels increased, as for the air conditioning on indoor air flow to achieve effective control and regulation of great significance! Panasonic R & D department, adhering to the 'people-oriented, innovative' idea of science and technology, in-depth innovative production techniques and technologies, committed to technology innovation, bringing a new masterpiece?? Unique 'SMART smart air system', a comprehensive smooth control and improve air comfort of the human body. Compact body Slimmerdesign: the ultimate compact, easy to install and maintenance Panasonic has central air conditioning is particularly concerned about the small size of the indoor unit so as to release more for the home improvement space. Jing Qiao type Legends series, breaking the traditional central air conditioning indoor unit bulky, space, and weight Shen, affect the decoration of the defects, a new compact body design, size is only 880mm (length) X362mm (deep) X200mm (thick ), compared with previous similar models reduce the depth of 138mm, not only to save installation space and reduces the cost of fitting accessories to use, but also enhances the freedom of choice of installation space and ease of maintenance. In the home decoration process, the more likely choice ceiling location, less space occupied by smallpox, home will naturally get the maximum reduction. Maintenance of their body in front of the reserved port, not only easy to maintain, and the appearance of a more concise fashion. Compact body, its also been upgraded Applied Materials, the whole body shell sheet metal materials are used to prevent other materials such as plastic deformation even when the temperature rise to the possibility of internal combustion, safety, reliability. Extraordinary mute Technology Mutedtechnic: 26dB effort to build a quiet space Panasonic legendary series central air conditioning with four types of static clever 'mute magic weapon' in the arm for the majority of consumers at home to create a quiet space. First, the product uses advanced DC motor, running more stable, lower noise and higher efficiency. Not only electricity, running up more quiet; Secondly, the static clever products using tubular fan power by increasing the inhalation and improve air performance, reduce blow obstacles to achieve more air flow to reduce air noise when ; again, through the optimization and upgrading of the fuselage structure, folding structure with three-stage radiator installed hidden motor, so that sealed the fuselage structure to achieve more limited voice within enclosed in the fuselage. ingeniously reduces the air-conditioning operation of the noise; Finally, when we are ready to enjoy the quiet comfortable as natural as sleeping space, only need the remote control 'one-click mute' function, can be easily achieved by only a 26dB bass sleeping environment needs. First smart outlet Adjustableairflow: Xpress air space control Jing Qiao type New relying Panasonic R & D strength, achieved the first intelligent outlet design, manufacture excellent human comfort. Configuration scalable blades, can swing freely under the running mode of different angles and automatically selects the air condition, to avoid the cold wind blowing human disease caused by air conditioning. In the warm mode, the system leaves the default out of air down to the foot of warm air more easily taken; in cooling mode, the blade retracted into the default level, which can effectively prevent the leaves condensation, water dripping. Of course, no matter what mode can also be in accordance with our needs, free to adjust the angle, really no dead air. In addition, the products are not only no dead air, its new technology designed more to prevent the panel in the humidity of the season easily condensation, water dripping. Jing Qiao-based panels and smart drafts, using unique miniature groove groove design, long strips of small groove through condensation of water diversion and dispersion evaporated to play an anti-condensation, anti-drip effect. I am an expert from, while we provides the quality product, such as LED Street Lighting Manufacturer , China LED Flood Lamps, T8 LED Tubes,and more.
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