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by:Leimove     2020-05-30
Phillips Electronics has been an innovator in lighting for nearly 120 years. Today, they produce light bulbs for almost every conceivable need. The sorts of lighting that Phillips manufactures include industrial, retail, commercial, home, outdoor, automotive, LED, sports complexes, and airfield. Phillips comes with a wide array of bulbs and lamps, many beneficial in multiple areas. Industrial, Retail and Commercial Lighting One industrial lighting solution that Phillips offers is ceramic metal discharge halide (CDM) lighting. These bulbs use metal halide salts that vaporize with a warm, making a daylight like light that's more energy-efficient than a comparable incandescent bulb. Phillips All Start Technology creates longer lasting lights that are beneficial to experience outdoor signs, and industrial or retail spaces where high ceilings make frequent bulb changes impractical. Phillips CDM lamps are retro fit to existing ballasts, and will be utilized immediately. More industrial lighting options include Phillips' T5 HO fluorescent lamps which are endurance and energy saving, in addition to their Extreme Temperature lamps that maintain their lighting ability during very hot or very cold temperatures. Tuff Guard coating on fluorescent and incandescent bulbs makes them lights shatter resistant, and ALTO Technology fluorescent lamps are made with low mercury. MasterColor is a Phillips brand which includes PAR lamps, pulse start lamps and CDMs which might be useful for lighting merchandise in retail stores. Home Bulbs Phillips lighting is also prominent in home lighting, and give several choices, including energy saving bulbs. Dura Max bulbs keep going longer than standard incandescent bulbs and come in every bulb types employed in the property, including fan lights, decorative reflectors and soft white found in fixtures and lamps. Daylight bulbs are utilized to create lighting that is similar to sunlight. Dura Max Plus bulbs last added time, around couple of years. Halogena and Halogena Money saver lamps are halogen lights for use at home. Halogen bulbs are longer lasting, develop a white colored light, and so are dimmable. Phillips halogen bulbs include vanity lights and outdoor flood lights. Halogena energy savers is capable of up to 42% energy savings, may also be dimmable, and available styles include candle shaped and classic 'A' shaped bulbs. Another eco-friendly alternative is Phillips' Energy Saver distinctive line of compact fluorescent bulbs. These bulbs are Energy Star qualified, last around 10 times more than standard incandescent bulbs, and are avalable for almost every home use. Styles include twister bulbs, classic 'A' shaped bulbs, decorative candle, globes, reflector floods and outdoor bulbs. HomeLight is Phillips' make of standard sized fluorescent bulbs for residential use. Besides the all purpose soft white and cool white fluorescent tubes, Phillips provides a Natural Sunshine color that simulates natural daylight and Daylight Deluxe this is a cool white light. Similar to their industrial counterparts, HomeLight bulbs are made with Phillips' ALTO reduced mercury technology. LED Light emitting diodes were once limited by watches and electronic display panels. But with improvements in technology, LED lamps are for sale in a large assortment of lighting products. Phillips manufactures LED bulbs for home, industrial, and commercial use. Benefits to LEDs include endurance, energy efficiency (as much as 80% savings), minimal heat, no UV, no mercury, and LED doesn't fade colors. Phillips Ambient LED bulbs are Leds made to squeeze into existing home fixtures, including decorative sconces, chandeliers, recessed lighting, and track lighting. The Affininum line makes LED lights for sale in commercial settings by placing them in aluminum posterbox modules. These lights may then be placed inside the perimeter of an display sign, sending light through the display. The Affinium LED String Systems are built to light lettering for store or brands. Affininum LED bulbs can also be in modules to change fluorescent bulbs in refrigerated displays. Advantages include customers, workers and food not being subjected to mercury and other hazardous substances should a florescent bulb break. Phillips Endura LEDs are suitable for low level ambient lighting that would be necessary for stores or hotel lobbies where lights must remain on constantly, or where frequent bulb changing is hard, for example in high ceilings, or stairwells. Like with other Phillips lights, EnduraLED retrofit into existing fixtures. Available lamps include spot lights, 10?or 25?angle beams lights, accent, candle, plus a shaped bulbs. Automotive Light Bulbs Phillips manufactures a wide range of halogen and incandescent bulbs for use in consumer motor vehicles. Together with standard bulbs, Phillips provides an assortment of specialty lamps. Ecovision bulbs use less energy than standard halogen lamps, and Longer life have twice the life span of standards. X-treme Power bulbs emit approximately 80% more light, and Crystal vision bulbs emit a brighter white light. BlueVision lamps appear blue/white for high performance cars as do Xenon HID bulbs, that also provide twice the lighting of ordinary halogen bulbs. Vision plus bulbs emit a beam that is certainly 50 feet longer, and Night guide lamps emit a 3 toned beam; yellow, to the left for decreasing glare from oncoming cars, white-colored inside the center to boost vision along with a blue toned light to the correct to further improve visibility of road signs. MotoVision bulbs are produced specifically for motorcycles. Outdoor, Airfield and Sports Arenas In addition to MasterColor CDM lights, Phillips provides CosmoPolis Landscape lighting system. These could replace older quarts, mercury or sodium halide bulbs which has a miniature metal halide bulbs and optimized electronic ballasts. Advantages include better light, endurance, energy savings little size. For stadium lighting, Phillips provides the ArenaVision MVF403 lamp having its MasterColor halide bulb and seven precision beam distributions, along with the Arena Eclipse, that also utilizes a halide bulb and it has a shutter for fast on and off. The F Eclipse, originally developed just as one industrial flood light, is useful for smaller stadiums and arenas. Phillips Airfield line includes lamps for taxi, runway, and airport approach. Halogen and standard incandescent bulbs are available, in addition to Long Life halogen airfield bulbs. Endurance halogens last doubly long as standard airfield lamps and therefore are lead and mercury free. These are only some of the bulbs and lighting solutions offered by Phillips Lighting. Phillips is still an innovator in consumer and industrial lighting by combining innovative ideas with a persistence for eco- friendliness and sustainability.
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