Predict to 2010 Our Country Led Sales Output Value

by:Leimove     2020-05-30
Predict to 2010 our country LED sales output value will exceed 150000000000 yuan, this data is two times that of 2008, and in the 30% annual rate of growth. The 2010 World Expo in Shanghai is to become the world's largest LED show, World Expo Park is the world's largest LED demonstration area.Late on August 25th, Shanghai Expo Park invited park lighting chief planner, architect, Architecture School of Tongji University professor Hao Luoxi led the news media in expo. Hao Luoxi said, the Expo LED Panel Light supplier area using 1050000000 LED chips, Expo 2010 indoor lighting source about 80% use LED green light source, compared with the ordinary incandescent energy saving of about 90%, so the focus on large-scale demonstration display LED in the future city construction application is very extensive, market potential is great. In the industrial scale and market application, there is no doubt that China is big country is LED.Christopher M. James in praise of Chinese huge market also pointed out, Chinese LED enterprises in technology with Europe and the United States on the top companies have 3-5 years gap, which led directly to the domestic enterprise present is difficult at the Olympics, World Expo such high-end projects get excess profits. Christopher M. James said, outdoor landscape lighting for the upstream investment, technology, talent and patent requirements are very high, is not a simple early to spell a low bid, construction fashion up can solve, technology standards, quality, the latter part of the maintenance service is in big trouble, this is also a lot of domestic lighting enterprises in this market losing reason. China's LED industry, in the face of policy, market, capital and other parties to temptation, in technology, management talent on the sureness in small enterprises.ISuppli semiconductor industry senior analyst Gu Wenjun pointed out, one or two enterprises are not to invest in R & D can be said to be living by force, the entire industry is lack of technical talent reserves would be very sad. He thinks, Chinese LED light source starts late, the technique is not mature, so many LED lighting enterprises to maintain their quality have to import foreign source, this is a technology dependence, also don't envy others to take the 70% profit. Allowance mode exploration In the state of low carbon policy, government subsidies, development zone performance orientation, domestic LED did not go first, launched a large-scale outdoor lighting lamp, landscape lamp, actually this is wrong.Tang Guoqing thinks, the development of any enterprise is to follow the laws of the market, the domestic LED enterprise starts late, accumulate little, investment limited, the current products are mainly concentrated in the small power low end areas, and street landscape lighting is the high power field and relates to the natural environment, the current surge, stability attenuation of many aspects of the problem at present, domestic enterprises have the ability to meet the full.
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