LED Light

Leimove, as an expert and leader of the lighting industry, is always proud of offering all kinds of LED lights for customers. We provide LED down light, LED track light, LED panel light, LED tube light, and other over 500 series.

All the products at our company have something in common which is high brightness, low energy consumption, and long lifespan. We ensure the materials for making the products contain no harmful substances like mercury, lead, and other heavy metals, so the products are all environmental-friendly and do no harm to people. For those who are applied outdoors, the products are made of solid and durable materials with high waterproof grade. By adopting advanced technology, the products have a CRI of more than 80, which makes the light be close to the quality of the natural sunlight. High-level safety is ensured for each product. Non-flame PC and integrated circuit control are adopted to achieve the safe operation of the lights. At the same time, strict quality inspections are carried out before delivery to guarantee the qualification ratio of the products. All products have passed the certification of 3C compulsory, UL, TUV, ETL and so on and their applications cover the fields like home, business, and engineering. For example, our eye-protection desk lamp has won common praises from specialists at home and abroad for its no flickering and no blue light hazard. By applying polarized desk lamp optical technology developed by Leimove and Finland's top optical manufacturer, the generated light is evenly distributed, which can not only prevent the glare damage to the eyes but also protect the eyesight.

Since established, Leimove has exported our products mainly to North America, Europe, and Asia.

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