Promotional Gifts For Companies And Organizations

by:Leimove     2020-05-30
There are a number of different wholesale promotional gifts that you can get for your company or organization. There is a wide variety of options to choose from. Gold Foiled Bowls & Plates You can choose gold foiled bowls and plates for a truly magnificent and authentic look. These bowls are gilded or pasted with gold foils and look regal due to their fine workmanship and quality. You can use them as dinnerware for special guests. Mini Fridge Here is your Personal Fridge powered through the USB port of your computer. Do you wish to chill your can of beverage or keep it cool for longer? You can use the USB Mini Fridge to keep your drinks cool. It takes just 5 minutes to cool the fridge down to 47 degrees Fahrenheit (or 8.5 degrees centigrade). The installation is easy with no driver required. You can plug and play and cool away with this unique gadget which is compatible with all computer platforms. The fridge comes with a blue LED lighting effect. It consumes 42 W of power at 5V USB. It is 19.5cm x 8cm x 9cm in dimensions and weight just 355 gm. Now you can carry your fridge in your hand wherever you go! LED Book Light Would you like to read at night without disturbing anyone else. You can use the LED book light that is compact and versatile. The LEDs are bright and focus light on a narrow area to illuminate only the book. The plastic neck can be adjusted to position the light to focus accurately. The light can also be used fixed to a desktop or monitor to illuminate content that you wish to read. The light is powered from the USB port of the computer. Pocket Scales If you want a compact scale for measuring weight, you can choose the DS pocket scale which is ideal of weighing small items like jewelry and laboratory items. The scales can hold items from 50 to 500 gm and measure changes up to 0.01 gm. The units run on 2 AAA batteries and come with a big, stainless steel weighing platform. The durable design makes it ideal for a number of different applications. The units can weigh in gm, oz, dwt and ct. These scales come in Silver, Blue, Red and Coffee colors. The items come with a 5 year warranty which is extremely useful, especially when offering these items as promotional products.
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