Replace Your Grow Room With LED Grow Lights

by:Leimove     2020-05-29
Hey everyone, I am a medical grower in California and just though I would share a little story about LED Grow Lights. See about 100 years ago the light bulb was invented, 50 years later the grow bulb or 'HPS' was invented. It created the spectrum the plants needed to grow but it alos produced othe spectrums that were just a waste, about 80% of the spectrums are a waste. This converts into wasted energy converted to heat which in turn for some of us added the need for a cooling system. Add that all up any you have a serious electric bill. Now with led grow lights you can reduce 80% of your electric and spectrum weight becasue these new grow lights only emmit the spectrums needed by the plant to grow. I bought a Quantum led grow light and could not be happier. My new grow light only uses about 550 watts compared to the 1000w HID and I get better results with it! my electric bill only goes up about $30 bucks using led grow lights instead of HPS.. I used a 4x4 tent with a 1000 HPS and the heat was insane, even with venting the ten got to about 120 degrees, way too hot for canabis to grow. So to fix that issue I had to buy an ac unit to help cool the air. That seemed to help help but man the whole operation was super loud now and my electric meter was spinnning really really fast. Seemed like you spent 4-5 times more electric trying to counter act all the heatr produced by the bulb. I searched the net and found lots and lots of led grow light companies, however I decided to go with Grow Stealth LED for my units. There the only company that uses the Quantum thereoy to measure there units performance. Seemed like the one place I could get real factual info from, thans GSL I coul not be happier! Now that I have started using led grow lights a few of my friends have picked up on it as well, were all saving money and growing our meds oursleves! Everyone should consider this new technology themselves!
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