Several Points for Attention in developing LED spotlights

by:Leimove     2020-03-29
At present, the most favored product in the lighting market is LED high-power spotlights. Its advantages are high energy efficiency, low power consumption, energy conservation and environmental protection. It is precisely because of these advantages, in order to make it so fragrant. So in order to make LED high-power spotlights have the above advantages, the following points should be considered when designing them: first, safety, when it comes to safety, mainly refers to PC flame retardant tube, since infrared heat dissipation can penetrate the PC tube, we must consider its safety when designing LED lamps, and must use all-plastic physical insulation. In this way, even if a non-isolated power supply is used, the safety of use can be absolutely guaranteed. Second, heat dissipation, in order to improve the service life of LED spotlights, the most important means is to introduce infrared radiation heat dissipation into it. In the consideration of heat dissipation, the heat dissipation of LED light source lamp beads and power supply must be separated to ensure that they do not interfere with each other, so as to ensure the rationality of heat dissipation. The most important thing is to dissipate heat through radiation, which is the focus of LED high-power spotlights. Three LED light sources the most important thing for LED spotlights is to use LED light sources. Its chips are placed on the pins, and when the heat energy passes through the silver pins, the tropics generated by the chip nodes will be directly emitted, this is completely different from traditional in-line products and traditional patch products in terms of heat dissipation. The node of the chip.
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